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Biden’s #MeToo Moment

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Should Biden get a pass?
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Leon On September 16, 2019

San Diego, California
#1New Post! Apr 08, 2019 @ 01:42:21
Do you think Biden should be politically punished for his action at times towards women? Or is this an excessive reaction?
darkman666 On 49 minutes ago

Saint Louis, Missouri
#2New Post! Apr 08, 2019 @ 02:39:39
i was watching on dvd on " real time with bill maher " of Friday show. bill was talking about him, and biden kiss back of women's head. I thought it was funny, even bill said it was funny.

not like the s*** that trump done in the past. yes, joe has problems like loneness or he is horny. not then he is not a good politician not deserve to be in congress.

I think the term; " politics make strange bellfellows " came from. sexual harassment in fields of working force. it is better that joe caught now before he select become a 2020 president candidate and bozo and his republican dips***s can destroy joe in 20120.
chaski On about 2 hours ago

Tree at Floydgirrl's Window,
#3New Post! Apr 08, 2019 @ 03:40:48
If Biden was a Republican, I would say that he was doing nothing wrong and that all this over the top PC s*** is a ridiculous witch hunt and that all the sissy snowflake liberals should get over it.

However, Biden is a Democrat. He should therefore be politically punished and socially ostracized... he should go to his grave in disgrace and humiliation.
gakINGKONG On about 1 hour ago

Angeles City, Philippines
#4New Post! Apr 08, 2019 @ 09:44:59
Kevin Spacey no

Joe Biden yes

Good ole Joe can smell all the hair.

Come n git it come n git it.
mrmhead On about 1 hour ago

NE, Ohio
#5New Post! Apr 08, 2019 @ 11:29:52
@Leon Said

Do you think Biden should be politically punished for his action at times towards women? Or is this an excessive reaction?


You ask one question in the OP and another on the poll

I answered incorrectly.

YES he should get a pass, No he shouldn't be punished.

He owned up to it and will be more cognizant.
MarkAnthony On May 02, 2019

Dublin, Ireland
#6New Post! Apr 08, 2019 @ 13:16:23
I think what he did merits nothing more than an apology.

All these accusations are events that took place in public, often in front of cameras, on camera. He wasn't perving on anyone, he's just a touchy feely guy.

Clearly it's too much, it makes people uncomfortable so he needs to dial it back. Zero need for any kind of political punishment.

It's funny that it breaks along political lines because this is the exact kind of thing the right has been defending for years... they'd even pretend that more extreme events were just this.
Cpat92 On September 18, 2019
It's all or nothing

Lauderhill, Florida
#7New Post! Apr 08, 2019 @ 14:39:07
I don’t think they need to go over the top with him. He’s not as bad as others and I’m pretty sure he’d be willing to apologize if given the opportunity.
DiscordTiger On about 7 hours ago
The Queen of Random


Emerald City, United States (g
#8New Post! Apr 08, 2019 @ 18:14:56
To me what Biden did is more of a personal space invasion. Which sucks but is not the same a sexual invasion.

Which having my own sexual traumatic incident in HS, I sometimes get weird with personal space invaders. I do tend to put physical barriers between myself and others, since I know part of it is my dealing with trans, but I have been freaked out before over something not intended as another sexual attempted assault.

So basically I don’t want to diminish another victim feeling triggered, but like eagle said intent does matter when dealing with consequences, so if Biden apologizes and makes and effort to stop doing it. It’s ok with me.

I had a really sweet woman at work that was space invader. I liked her a lot, but just too close and touchy. When I stated having to use my walker, I kept it between us and it was better, as she had to give me warning to hug. Like I said I liked her and was ok hugging coworkers occasionally, I just needed the warning.
Aliearia03 On August 08, 2019

, South Carolina
#9New Post! Apr 08, 2019 @ 19:55:02
Before yesturday I considered Biden's affections to be inappropriate & was selfishly looking at his actions through the eyes of a one sided female "victim" of the "uncomfortable" positions the women & little girls were in. Then I heard a pro female psychologist's "bigger picture" point of view, not to say I agree with all psych's viewpoints, and realized it isn't going to lead future generations into a world of showing affection, compassion & THE freedom of expressing SINCERE emotions of support for others if todays role models show fear in the act of touching someone they truly are concerned about or needing a hug in a moment of celebration, loss of a loved one or encouragement in dating or standing up on a stage as a fearless role model to others. The workplace is where we spend most of our time. It's the family, so to speak, existing as a part of who we are. There's a need for human empathy as well as a fearless place in the heart that exists within every human that's created as a means of evolving into a more loving, united & caring conscious being. It's simply human nature, like it is in the primate species, elephants & felines. Goodness Gracious, this entire world needs an enema! Why can't we all just HUG each other & go in PEACE? Did you know an entire herd of elephants literally cries tears of sadness & grieves for a member that dies? AND THEY NEVER FORGET! We should all learn from & hug an elephant today. There is hope for the human species, BECOMING the new, more conscious, caring & fearless we all seek as heaven on Earth...
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