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Healthy (healthy-ish) breakfast ideasMarch 11, 2019 @ 05:55:38 am in Food & Drink
So I'm changing a lot of things around while trying to become healthier. One issue I had for the longest was that I didn't eat the most important meal of the day (breakfast). I'm just thinking that since I know I don't have the time to make breakfast in the morning (not counting weekends), I pick up breakfast at certain places. I don't go to fast food restaurants like burger king, or mcdonalds, but I do go to Dunkin Donuts once in a blue moon. I know certain gas stations like Wawa has food and makes it for you too. I had ordered a custom made salad with kale and grilled chicken. It was amazing.

I was wondering because I may go to places like Wawa a bit more for their food, what is some breakfast ideas that may be healthy. I know that i can order a bowl, burrito and small platters from them.

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