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"i'm not lost, just undiscovered"
On October 22, 2023 cole

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Stirling, United Kingdom
Joined: Apr 2006

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Age: 47
Gender: M
Location: Stirling
United Kingdom
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About Me
I'm a Scottish male who's pretty laid back, happy to chat to everyone. PM if you wanna a friendly face. I have 4 kids whom I love dearly - in my spare time i'm usually spending it with the kids, working or gaming, either on the xbox or flying spaceships and generally being a menace on Eve Online.

Who I Want To Meet
on here or real life? on here I just wanna meet similar minded people for a chat, nothing too serious, just a bit of a laugh when I'm bored, friendly face and all that - in real life most of the people i want to meet are dead.

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music (3955), reading (2098), movies (1128), gaming. (5), pc repair), battlefield 4,
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