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"i'm not lost, just undiscovered"
On December 10, 2019 cole

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Stirling, United Kingdom
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Age: 46
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United Kingdom
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Public entry 24 Year olds
May 17, 2018 @ 08:53:06 pm
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Public entry Returning
August 05, 2016 @ 10:58:57 pm
I have found my way back after an extended time away. I tend to wander
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Public entry Dwindling Internet Usage
December 02, 2013 @ 12:51:05 am
Having returned to TFS after another lengthy time away I had a look at some of the posts I had made when I was a prolific poster it made me think about my changing (or changed) usage of the Internet. In fact in the usage of a PC.

I bought my first PC when I was 11, I've used one most days since then. However in the last year or two my own usage has dwindled quite considerably.

I used to spend hours on my PC, I used to be uploading videos, downloading movies. I used to Admin at the world's largest Torrent site. I used to moderate forums. Once that ended I would usually be gaming online and I still would be doing the odd download.

But as I say in the last year or two I can do what I need to do on the PC in around 20 mins and I hardly feel the need to boot up anymore.

Maybe I'm just burnt out with the techy stuff.
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Public entry Condoms
November 04, 2006 @ 11:04:17 pm
I bought condoms today, no idea why as i am in a steady relationship, which i ordinarily don't have a use for condoms but i was out for lunch and had an overwhelming complusion to buy condoms, i was with my partner and i haven't mentioned it too her, what do you make of this?
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Public entry Random People
September 27, 2006 @ 05:07:49 pm
Do you think we can be touched by random people? I was on a bus today going through Stirling University campus and my bus drew up next to another bus, i was the only person on my bus but i could feel someone watching me, i turned around and on the other bus was a girl sitting watching me, staring almost but it wasn't creepy or a rude stare, she was just watching me, when our eyes met it was kinda weird like i wanted to know her, and her me, like there was a connection, i kinda felt disappointed when my bus pulled away - it was strange
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Public entry Robbie Williams
August 31, 2006 @ 09:09:22 pm
I'm off to see Robbie williams tomorrow at hampden Park in Glasgow have to leave at 2pm to get there for 4pm and the concert doesn't even kick off till 6pm - good line up though with Orsen and then Basement Jaxx warming up before robbie is on at 8.30pm

Tried all day to try and get a hotel room for the night in Glasgow cause we didn't really feel like driving it back at 11pm ish but everywhere was booked solid, i went through 10 pages of hotels on so it looks like we will have to drive anyways so no beer

Still if we are back early enough maybe hit the pub for a couple of drinks Should still be a good night
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Public entry 50 Questions [Stolen]
June 26, 2006 @ 10:19:28 pm
I don't normally do these but what the hell i'm bored

1. What is your middle name?


2. What size is your bed?


3. What are you listening to right now?

My SMS music as someone is texting me

4. What are the last two numbers of your phone number?


5.What was the last thing you ate?


6.Last person you hugged?

My Son

7.How is the weather right now?

It's dry, but it's 11pm so who cares

8.Who was the last person you talked to on the phone?

Wrong Number

9.The frist thing you notice about the same sex?

What they're wearing

10. Are you single?


11. Do you want children?

I have two and yep i'd like some more

12. Do you drink?

Only at weekends

13.Ever get so drunk you don't remember the entire night?

Every weekend

14. who stole Q14?

15. Eye color?


16. Oh Oh and 16 is gone too!!!

17. Favorite holiday?

Any, the chance to get away from it all is rare so i like them all

18.Favortie season?

Winter, i have hayfever and the spring/summer just kills me, and i like snow and the cold

19. Ever cried for no reason?

Nope, i need a reason

20. Last movie you watched?

Da Vinci Code

21. How many mirror are in your room?


22. Do you know any other fall out boy songs other than "sugar were going down?

No but i know a couple by badly drawn boy

23. Have you ever decapitated a barbie?


24. Do you enjoy the sensational taste of starbucks?

Where? isn't that some American Coffee place? i don't do coffee!!!

25. Does the word horcrux mean anything to you?

Something to do with Harry Potter i think, loved the books, hate the movies

26. Do you have any friends of the gay preference?


27. Ever do weed?

Yep, i'm doing it now

28. Is cheese like the best food ever or what?

In the top 5

29. What books are you reading?

George Orwell's Animal Farm, Terry Brooks' Straken [3rd in the High Druid of Shannara Series] and Nick Mason's Inside Out [Pink Floyd's drummer's autobiography]

30. piercings?

left ear once

32. Favorite football team?

Glasgow Celtic

33.What were you doing before this?

Playing GTA Liberty City Stories on PS2

34. any pets?

One dog

35. Dogs or cats?

either or

36. Favorite flower?


37. Have you ever been caught doing somenting you weren't soposed to be doing?

Never, i'm too clever to be caught

38. Have you ever loved someone?


39.Who would you like to see right now?

My girlfriend, she's at work

40.Have you ever fired a gun?

not a real one

42. Do you like to travel by planes ?


43. Right or left handed?

left handed

44. If you could be with someone right now who would you be with?

My partner

45.How many pillows do you sleep with?

1, 2 give me a sore neck

46. Are you missing someone?


47. Do you have a tattoo?

not yet

48.Do you still watch cartoons?


49. Are you hiding something from someone?


50. Do you play an instrument?

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Public entry Sidekick II
June 23, 2006 @ 05:51:33 pm
My Partner, Sarah, just got through her new Sidekick II and i can't seem to put it down, it's awesome!!!!

These things are huge in the U.S and are just coming out in the UK and are only available through T Mobile on contract but the monthly line rental is hefty [about
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Public entry Driving lessons
June 20, 2006 @ 02:48:17 pm
Finally after a 7 year break i decided to get back in the saddle, and took back up my driving lessons.

7 Years ago i sat my test but did terrible, i was a nervous wreak and so was the test guy by the time i was done and i failed badly however as i live within walking distance of pretty much everything i need, work, food, etc and my partner, Sarah, drives i never really seen the need to take it back up.

But now Sarah is working s***ty long hours and the 2 kids wanna go places and the two of them can't fit on my push bike so i decided it was time to get back behind the wheel.

So my first lesson was today, and it was a breeze, 5 minutes after getting into the car and doing the cockpit drill i was whizzing along the busy roads, wind in my hair and it felt like 7 years ago but without the nerves and i was cursing myself, if i had only just re-sat my test after failing i wouldn't have been license-less for the past 7 years.

So I've booked a block of 10 lessons and hope that will be me, back in for my test, i might not pass it this around but sure as hell i'll get right back in for it.

Moral of the story: if you fall of the horse just get right back on, cause for 7 years i've let fear stop me from doing this and now i have no idea why
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Public entry Mega s*** Day
May 28, 2006 @ 04:15:23 pm
First of all my mrs leaves to visit relatives in Cali for 12 days leaving me with two kids, she's only been away 7hours and i goddamn miss her already so how the f*** am i going to last 12 days.

To top it all of the fish dies suddenly, i didn't even know it was ill mind you the white spots might have been a giveaway, anyway i had to remove the fish and clean the tank so i sit it all in the the bath, i remove the fish and flush it and then tip the tank out in the bath to wash the tank and the stones, but all the stones head down the f***ing plug and clog it up whilst i was doing that my 3yr old decides to lean on the cabinet the tank was in and the lot comes down and destroys ornaments that were pretty irreplaceable - at this point i'm in dire need of a vodka drip.

So the bath is clogged with little pebbles, the fish is dead, the ornaments are smashed and she isn't even in Newark yet to get her flight to LA.

If that wasn't bad enough i cut all my arm trying to unclog the plug which i had to remove the bath panel and unscrew the ubend pipe for the bath to empty the stones out of, this of course results in water going everywhere -

Anyways i managed to tidy up now and unblock the plug, the fish is still dead though and the ornaments are broke and the only place i can get replacements is in the USA cause her step mum sent them to her from Cali -

i need a f***ing drink
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