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"Merry Meet"
On January 12, 2022 lilkatangel

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Northglenn, Colorado
Joined: Jun 2006

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Age: 35
Gender: F
Location: Northglenn
United States
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About Me
I used to be on here on this name and another a lot. I'm back now, got to missing the fun! I'm a mom of two beautiful girls. I'm wheelchair dependent due to Cerebral Palsy. I'm also severely hearing impaired, have seizures, am Bipolar (as in diagnosed not just occasional down, b****y or hyper) and have PTSD. I say all this because I'm no longer afraid to let people know. I am part of an alternative lifestyle( feel free to ask if you're 18+). I love all kinds of music, writing, reading, outdoor activities, the SCA, and so much more. I'm also a practitioner of Wicca. I'm going back to college to finish my Psychology degree. hopefully soon. I am flirtatious by nature, even with people I'm just friendly with and mean no offense. I'm proudly a geek and a total nerd. I love to chat so drop a line.

Who I Want To Meet
Open minded people

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reading (2098), writing (986), friends (555), fishing (368), camping (361), animals (345), family (288), my kids (27), the outdoors (18), sca (8), alternative lifestyles, living history, psychology. sociology, much more, reenacting,
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