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Jaguar Land Rover automotive jobs saved

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Jeanne On April 23, 2010

London, United Kingdom
#1New Post! Aug 12, 2009 @ 15:13:10
Hi all
First things first I am not claiming I know anything about cars! However, I can read and seeing as all the men in my life are besotted with car-talk I might as well read about it and follow their conversations to some extend.
So don?t hang me if you think I have it wrong, rather just help me right if you?d please?
Anyway, so is it good news that Jaguar Land Rover are getting their own loans from different banks in order to save around 14000 UK jobs? Or should they have taken aid from the gov. Apparently now they might not be able to build the new models due to all the loans.
What do you think?

Michael718 On March 16, 2010
.... Evil genius?


Caprica City, United Kingdom
#2New Post! Aug 12, 2009 @ 15:15:31
Hey. Are you new?

And yeah, what the hell thats a lot of jobs saved. Gotta be good in the short term. Though i too know nothing.
salinaa On May 11, 2010

Surrey, United Kingdom
#3New Post! Aug 13, 2009 @ 15:15:17
First positive is that they are not taking any governement heklp and are trying to fix thier problems themselves and save jobs at the same time!!!! Good on them unlike some who have taken government loans and still made many many redundancies.... Not to mention any names tho

I think it is comendable that they are doing what they can to keep people in thier jobs! I mean imagine another 14000 people jobless right now! Thats would be awful!

As for the new models - well that can wait a while anyway as its not as if people are rushing to buy nice cars right now is it?
Jeanne On April 23, 2010

London, United Kingdom
#4New Post! Aug 13, 2009 @ 15:47:03
Hi Micheal718, I am fairly new yes. I love the forum site, I can rant and rave about so many different topics. It is totally fun. What?s your favourite?

Thanks Salinaa, I agree with you.
To be honest all I am happy about is the fact that some automotive jobs in this country are kept. Seems like all I am reading these days are people getting sacked at GM and everything. It?s a mess.
Apparently the Gov is embarrassed with this whole thing:

Anyway,my brother is a big motorcycle fan and my dad use to be a car?s salesman but he?s retired now. I think my dad can thank his lucky stars that he is too old to work in that field anymore.

But still when ever I see them they are always moaning and groaning about the industry and it?s even worse when my boyfriend joins the party?(how boring)
Jefffkitchenware On August 13, 2009

Chicago, Illinois
#5New Post! Aug 13, 2009 @ 15:59:00
They will have to compete with cars from the Japanese and others. Though they make cars which are different they have to watch costs. They could well be in a similar situation 5 years down the line. Just look at American car makers. In contrast continental car makers appear to be better off.
What makes the Japanese so competitive, even though their wages are amongst the highest even in comparison to the West? I think it is one word 'efficiency and Rover will also sink if they do not evolve.
salinaa On May 11, 2010

Surrey, United Kingdom
#6New Post! Aug 21, 2009 @ 08:11:07
I agree the Japanese are far more efficient and thier cars have a better reputation to so something needs to change if the British car industry is to survive at the moment?
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