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Apache OpenOffice Will Not Open (And other stuff) - SOLUTION PRONTO!

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Heavenlover22 On June 23, 2024

#1New Post! May 01, 2023 @ 20:44:51
Today, my OpenOffice (be it Text, Impress, etc.) won't open regardless of what file I try to open. It was working perfectly fine when I installed it on my Windows 10 I got a few months ago. And now, it crashes for NO reason at all! I waited for, around 1 minute every time, and I keep getting this dialog box saying "OpenOffice 4.1.2 is not responding." And it gave me a choice to close it or wait for it to respond. And I tried it on my 2 drives, one internal and one external. They all had the same result. And if that wasn't bad enough, it f***ed my computer up to the point that the white light WON'T go off and I'm now having trouble opening other kinds of files (VLC, photos, etc.). And I have to shut down my computer 2 or 3 times before restarting it every time. Other files (not OpenOffice) function normally, the white light is calming down and blinking at the right times. But there's no change. Open Office won't open and my other files take FOREVER to open because of that. And the white light on my PC won't go off! AGAIN! After my 3rd or 4th restart, my other files play correctly. The white light functions normally. And I'm not going to bother with OpenOffice now because of that.

For God's sake, I'm at my wit's end, losing faith. If you have this similar problem, have you guys found a solution to fix it? I need it, please! STAT!
Heavenlover22 On June 23, 2024

#2New Post! May 02, 2023 @ 00:06:37
Alos, right now, when I get back opening an OpenOffice file, and expecting for the worse to happen, I got this dialog box telling me that personal settings are locked. HOW?! I clicked "Yes" when it asked me to continue. It then said "Welcome to OpenOffice", as if it thinks it's my first time here. And it asked me for my first name, last name, and initials. What? (And I'm not telling you my name, if you're asking) I did just that, and guess what: the same problems occur! When OpenOffice won't respond, I have to close it, again! And the white light is STILL refusing to go away! I can't open any other files unless it stops! What else can I do? And please don't tell me I have to delete my files!
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