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New Post! February 11, 2024 @ 09:13:02 pm
@backdoor Said

Dear Police: Someone trying to frame me nuts I think relating to selling of my ID cards and they dont want the real ID holder suffice. I come from a reown family related to the British Royals. And Prime Minister Justin Trudeau family has been chip reading me since I was young. I have a terminal cancer formula I gave out at facebook to a Japanese Machi Kozaki around 4 years ago. Trudeau people was chip reading me and got the formula. I heard they made a lab at Toronto General Hospital or Mount Sinai Hospital using my formula to make tons of money. As the inventor I should entitle half for the first 2 years.

I am still waiting him to pay me. There are someone system matically want to label me nuts so that no one will believe I am the inventor. In 2016 when I was awarded the phD they made me involuntary patient at Vancouver General Hospital, now this year, they made me involuntary patient at St. Paul Hospital. Since 2005 my phone line got problems and I stopped using phones. I have been waiting for lawyers at a fix spot every day and those stinky homeless people been giving me harassment so that I dare not wait at that spot any longer. Emails are erased before I log in. By those chip read me and knowing my passwords. My parents are linked to Li kar shing ( Developer in Richmond and Vancovuer ) in business and I know more about something which alot others dont. But I am not nuts. This framing make me difficult to find lawyers to go after what the Li and others owe me. I need a radio frequency blocker to keep my passwords safe. I converse using the rfid implants chip. This is technology and not hallucinating. Please check who certify me into involuntary patient in 2016 and this year to see if they are bribed or related to Li Kar Shing clan or people selling my ID cards. For human traffic rule they cannot have the real ID holder better than those who use their ID cards. My SIN card is used by too many people here. Please stop them. And find out if there is a lab run by Trudeau's people in Mount Sinai Hospital or Toronto General Hospital in Toronto Ontario. We were told to trust chip conversation as much as face to face conversation. YOu are chip reading target subjects too so please dont tell me these chips under the skin do not exist. This framing makes it difficult for me to find a lawyer to go after what I should have.

For your information please

Priscilla Lun PhD Alpha Omega v.
SIN 497237701

Sorry first I have to change the subject line then I have to add in my SIN number. so I sent to you three times.

to rcmp and vpd email.

I made 12 Billion and 74 millions for the British Royals using my ideas in investment and my phD proposal hospital management ideas.

And for Justin Trudeau 30 billions in investment in July-August 2023 Shorting Oil and buying electric car stocks.
And for Terminal Cancer treatment formula they got by chip reading me typing the formula to Machi Kozaki at facebook in 2021 as EK Lun screen name messenger.
He made a lab at Mount Sinai or Toronto General Hospital and made over 20 billion in the first year. As the inventor I entitle to half.

I was made an involuntary patient at the Saint Paul Hospital earlier this year and the medication the use on me categorize me the type of illness they label me.
This make it difficult for me to go after what I should have.
And even want to get me some poor souls here to tie me down here.
To chip read me to steal my ideas and give me dirt poor Government assist pay.
Not even a job.
This country people is wicked to the bone. That is why I would like to go elsewhere.

The police dont have to take my reportings because they frame me nuts.
I want my compensation.
I am still waiting them to arrest the Korean Woman ( Clare )

I have 680ml of urine yesterday. I usually got more than 1 litre.
It is tea color.

I wonder when MI6 come to give me the invitation letter from King Charles..
Even if I am nuts it doesnt mean I cant have good ideas to make money it is just if you believe in it or not.

Tak phD Alpha Omega 5.


New Post! February 14, 2024 @ 08:53:13 pm
Urine is 600ml from yesterday to noon today not too dark in color. I guess if I go to the emergency unit, they still will not admit me and give me haemodialysis. Since Jan28 I only got whole day urine output from 300ml to 680ml. I still have to go to emergency unit of hospital to take blood test if the urea is too high.
Happy Valentines day to the love birds that celebrate it..
They said Alpha Omega Omega ( me) is reincarnate with a toddler's soul. But now I am 59 years old adult, no one can take charge my money and life. I have the right to choose who I like to be with.

And my ex have no right to continue harass me using a chip reader's voice. He passed on and stay on earth using a piece of hair and metronome. And still try ask his kin to call lawyer to file me half. Marriage was annulled long time ago. Using a chip reader voice to claim position is outrageous shameless. Please call Alpha Omega people for me and send him to the purgatory to reincarnate. He was charged with 8 counts of murder when alive all the targets are his wives and commonlaw gal pal. He put poison in my drink in Jan97. I bounced back to life after 26seconds. Thanks to Pope Francis. This is in his court verdict. He escaped from Stanley prison and went to Taiwan then to Canada after wards and continue chip monitoring me. Please check who let him in as tourist since he is warranted. He was gunned down by Li people while in Canada.
His first died in Shanghai in 97 and marriage was annuled since then. Li people resurrected him before but not any more. They finished selling my ID cards. I am the so called Li-Kar-yee.

My profile worths tons of money to those who want to use my position to marry up.

Tak Alpha Omega 5, phD


New Post! February 15, 2024 @ 09:05:58 pm
Yesterday's total urine output is 600. I have to keep walking up and down the corridor and sleep on the side to achieve this amount. I cant be lying prone for the blood to the kidney will be very limited.

I cannot sleep last night for something happened to Takessan and I have to keep hear what happened and Clare ( Now resurrected using a Korea woman's body at 11300 Williams Road Richmond BC Canada) was making me painful on the shoulders and arms using the Acupuncture remote acting device. Hope RCMP Richmond is arresting and pressing charge. Thank you Saudi Arabian man who also chip read and use his line to slash alot of such Acupuncture remote acting device. But Clare and Chan still got these with them and use these to create renal failure symptoms to black mail for money. Wish the police have some guts to wear blockers to go there to arrest Clare. For the device target on your rfid chip. And we all have a rfid chip / identity chip since birth. And acknowledge there is a case reported to them. These acupuncture device can stop the heart and are lethal and should have law governing the usage.
Since Jan 28 my urine output ranges between 300-600. It used to be over a litre.

Tak phD Alpha Omega 5.


New Post! February 16, 2024 @ 09:38:11 pm
Dear Police:

I was at the bank just then and I hear a woman talking with chip reader that she knows how to sign my signature and
they plan to snatch my purse and steal from my bank account.

My signature at the bank entails a finger print that has my DNA.

This woman is linked with Clare Wai Pui Yu - who resurrected using a Korea woman's torso living at 11300 Williams Road
Richmond Bc Canada. Clare is my ex husband's gal pal. All of them come from Hong Kong. My ex lost his residence in Canada after dying in Shanghai and cut ties with Canada staying in Hong Kong for over 10 years since 2000. My ex SIN number is 494466873. I dont have his Hong Kong ID card number. Please check with Hong Kong Canadian Counsulate office.

I am soft detent by those who are chip reading me they know my email passwords and erase before I log in. They use my particulars to borrow in Canada and steal my mail. They trespass and stole my old passports. The 1995-98one and another ones are expired Hong Kong British Passport all A042066 A922696. So they can steal register mail sent to me. Accompliced with people living in my building. They all use chip readers to communicate and acquaint each other. All of them are from China and Hong Kong most of them using my ID card to live here.

MY ex died and stay on earth using a piece of hair and a metronome imitating heart beat. HE want to get resurrected and use felony with his kin's help to file divorce to split my bank account money. His kin helping him to chip read me using a chip reader
and communicate with lawyer. Please stop them for the marriage has been annulled. He still harrass me using his voice.
We separated since 1997. I filed divorce in Jan 2021 in Vancouver not knowing the marriage has been annulled. I dont have money for a lawyer.

Please help me get the annullment cert for this is important to me. As they screen what mail I should get.
I live at 237 East Hasting Street Room 308. Vancouver BC Canada. My ex and Clare Wai sell my ID card and get money to set up a clan to do so with Li Kar Shing clan help. The money was returned to Li after Lau died. But Clare and these who use my ID are still selling my ID card and ID chip global position to those who are new to this country ( Canada ) wanting to use our
SIN card to work and stay for the 8 years until they can file residence on humanity grounds. For the Hong Kong ID card I have not renewed to a smart card since 1996. I am still holding onto the old version of Hong Kong ID card. Please also check who is using my ID card in Hong Kong to work and study. Alot of these are chip reading me doing my signature to borrow.

Clare Wai Pui Yu the Korean at 11300 Williams Road is distributing her Acupuncture remote acting device amongst those whom she sell my ID to and they are using the device to make me pain and low urine output to exhibit renal failure symptoms. I went to St. Paul Hospital Feb1/2024 Accident and Emergency unit to consult. They asked me to go again later.
I have to keep on moving to lessen the effect of the acupuncture device. Acupuncture is to reroute the path of blood to enhance self healing power. They reroute the blood not going to the kidney so I have so little urine 200-700ml each day since January 28th/ 2024.

The above people and Li Kar Shing people grouped together to frame me nuts as they got people in their clan working in the medical field here in Vancouver. I know too much and about the acupuncture remote acting device which alot of Li people are using that to make money on healing or black mail. Clare use me to black mail the Saudi people for money for my mother is Gemma Fung Siu Ling ( the first clairvoyance documented by the Japanese ) the Saudi call the big prophet and worship like a Goddess. Clare also try to black mail the British Royals for I am one of their princess. My grand father John Lun Wai Ling is Princess Alysse ( King George VI's sister ) son. Prince Alysse married a Chinese in Great Britian and later the whole family moved to Hong Kong ( then was British colony).

Clare bought alot of this remoting acting acupunture doll to distribute to her clan members to do blackmail and murder in large scale. I am on their list of murder. The Saudi man is paying her 10thousand dollars a day if I have 600ml of urine to keep me alive. The doll can stop the heart and make painful whereever the pins are pinned into the holes of the human shaped doll. Please trace where the radio frequency lines on my body come from to trace the whereabout of these dolls.
These acupuncture reroute blood flow away from the kidney and other organs making renal failure and muscle and organs' atrohphy. Please confiscate them and pull out the pins and arrest and press charge on Clare Wai Pui Yu ( The Korean woman that rent 11300 Williams Road and Radisson Hotel Richmond BC Canada. (?Room304 or 308).
And these tourists that live pass their welcome using our ID card to live and borrow with that group with whoever in my building to play soft detent to steal our mail and chip monitoring to harass me including my ex husband's people.

Thank you for your prompt action.

Priscilla Lun Yee Tak SIN 497237701 Hong Kong ID card D321396 (0)


New Post! February 18, 2024 @ 09:07:49 pm
Urine is only 400ml yesterday, if persist, I have to go to the hospital Emergency unit to have a blood test. I dont use phone going to the emergency unit can get the feedback fast and efficient.
Today is my birthday. I wish those who use my cancer treatment formula to make money to reimburse the inventor fees.

Hope Yahweh people, Takesan, and British Royal collect the money and give that to me when they come to see me.

I wish Adamson people or some Ratatouille will bring the letter to me so that I can go to Buckingham palace. These must have a radio frequency blocker.
I wish those who use me to black mail, Clare Wai Pui Yu and Chan Lai Nar family people will disappear and no one will manipulate my health to blackmail anyone money.

I wish my ex David Lau and his mother go to the purgatory as they are dead and anyone using their torsos give up in using and incinerated the torsos. They are not staying on earth on a piece of hair and using the chip reader to converse and ruin my chances any longer. We separated since 97. Last seen in 2000.
They slander me thinking if they are the only one around, they can ask the church to resurrect them for free. For I am Alpha Omega. Even my mother ( first clairvoyance Fung 5) needs to pay for resurrection

I had runny tummy last night, couldn't sleep again.
Bought a new bottle of Seirogan. This Japanese anti diarrhea medication is fast acting.

Tak phD Alpha Omega 5.

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