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New Post! December 08, 2007 @ 10:41:06 am
Kai: I am supposed to fwd you a copy, just in caseyour system admin is playing games because he sides with someone you are dating now.


Look Cousin H3 and T3: (bosco and peter lam)
> Please do not interfere me from getting job stability
> and life stability in Canada anymore.
> I know some of your people could be using or selling
> my ID but I reported to RCMP already.
> Those chicks cannot use my '' connections'' anymore.
> I never received a cent commission in renting out my
> ID or helping them to sell with an image of a
> Princess.
> I am never one. MY brother is a prince, well lived
> and
> well pampered.I have to work since age 14.
> But I can face whoever that comes up to me.
> I can tell them anything as long as they ask.
> Can you?
> Stop the rumor that I ever dated any of you. Cause I
> never. Never fallen in love with you folks either.
> IF you felt such, I never felt so.
> IF you want to introduce me to Richard Li,I think he
> should already be at the dinner table with us on Jan
> 30/2003 at your parents house at Hong Lok Yuen.
> There is no use for others to use Li to lure me back
> to HK. If he wants me to, he will send people to
> pick
> me up. If he cannot afford that money, there is no
> use
> for me to be with him, cause I can not get a good
> living from someone who refuses to provide me one.
> If he is willing, I should not be working where I am
> now. He/Richard helped me to promote when I was
> workign at CIBC 20 yrs ago by asking his dad to buy
> 4
> percent of the whole banks' shares.
> I dont even know what you folks do for a living.
> When I was in HK I only saw your folks twice.
> What happened in our parents' generation, hope it
> stayed there. Our generation is ours.
> My home is in Canada where I build it. Do you
> understand?
> Merry Christmas and Happy new year



New Post! December 08, 2007 @ 10:58:16 am

I dont know if there is a group of south asians etc trying to alienate me from my relatives because some of them are using my ID or after you or then. I dont care. I need to develop my life and job stability in Canada. What they do is more than just hate crime.

There is a rule that Employers should provide an envoirnment which is safe for employees to work at, which means not freezing them, not exposing them to extra risks etc else, their WCB insurance can go up and up and the employees can sue for compensation.
You worked for the old Mac too.. right in the States when you sere studying there? or just your decoys? ( half brothers or cousins? )

I think one time your dad did said in front of the press that his son is 40 yrs old now. So am I even though I like to dress young.

I am still searching jobs which pay well offered in SF.
Wonder if those are just some jobs which try to move people around.
So that their ID at origin can be sold.

I think there is enough hurt created to me by those rumors about me and my cousins. If he is nuts, there is already enough tolerance I put towards this SOB who deluded to have an affair with me.
Not you, of course. Even his brother Pete cannot stand him.
I am not a whore or a pron star either, our rental premises at Happy Valley was installed with hidden view cam without our knowledge and my hubby paid visit. He was staying with his parents then. Because his apron mother wanted more company from the sons. And Dave was thinking if moving back he would not have the whole apt left to his younger brother Daniel. I dont care, their apt is only half as large as the one which I grew up in. And I cannot stand Dave's mother either. She is the main reason why we broke up.

Annie Tang is borned one year older than I am same year as Clare.
Maybe through Dave and after I quit the JB firm that Clare or her relatives started to work for them. I saw someone with her last name on the auto insurance report namelist of those unauthorized users added to my plan in 1990s.
I dont mind people bluff about how much they have, but they just have to have the class to live like one.
Not using someone's else ID to live and drive here in Canada.

Even if I have renewed or applied for health insurance, I can always cancel that when I leave.
I never had been a nurse in Canada or Toronto cause I changed field ever since 1988. I only part time that in HK with private agencies.
For over 1k HKD a shift I dun see any reason why I dont do this freelanced.


Tak :smitten:


New Post! December 08, 2007 @ 03:31:03 pm

I am sick n tired of those who think I m still in my 20s.

If they want to see us, they can try to dig up the 1972 school album of Rosary hill school Primary 2G
And see both of our names and head there. We might not look the same now but at least they know the real ones are in their 40s.

There are quite some familiar faces where I work, some kids of whom I used to play with at school?? MXx and other?
Simliar names too.

There were 12 stars on the sky yesterday night which one is yours?
Still no moon..... I am renting at a large house in Richmond.
What is so interesting about HK anymore, Besides food?

I am not working at some newspaper office, not at some accounting dept right now. Not using any title.... it is just '' bakka'' for the professional fees to pay and yet no stable employment which pays market and '' on time''?!!

Anyways, it is time to be off, will take a breakfast before going home. Are you in town or H3? That heli???

You dont know how much trouble and nuisance those fake chicks / my shadows and those youngsters gave me. It is good to be upfront with these peopel that I can be as upfront with their idol or big boss.



New Post! December 08, 2007 @ 06:29:38 pm

M back home for around half an hour.
mememormor... before I go to bed.
I still have to work tonight. 11p-7a.

People said you are dead... ppl said you are whatever, I never believe a word they say, they want to switch me to find another to love and to cherish that's all.

I know my Icq been filtered contacts.
Those black OOOO are around again thosse which used to appear where my apt was in Ontario. Some even in my humble apt garage.
Are you selling these OOOO???

Btw.. ur OOOO 4466 licence means... talk it over in gangster meaning.
what prompt you to buy this lic plate? Think it is cheaper right?
sour ngar chai/ big front teeth, anything you'd like to say to me?
I am always there to listen.

hehe I saw more birds on the way back home....
I like them. remind me of buying bird seeds a small pack so that I can feed some on my way back. Life is with tiny things that when you learn to appreciate, you are a much jolly fellow. Else you can sit there with a lump of gold in front of you but to you it bears no meaning. It is there idle, if you dont sell it, it is just another piece of stone. but will that extra dollar means a lot to you ? Nope I dont think you need that extra dollar...

There is a plane flying teh '' wrong way'' towards the airport, normally I see planes ascending flying out where I wait for the bus, this morning, I saw one heading towards to air port....

I dont have to be another person to stay alive, I dont have to say I dont know you to be alive either. I think I said this a million times. You are not Jesus and I am not Peter.
Even if you are Judai, I still say I know you.

I lost almost everything that link me to my past.... but what diff does it make? I still have memories and some of my older buddies like you and others. Are you still in some older zones..???

Eat more meat. eat more food wear more clothes.
I dont know how you can stand the cold, but you always wear so thin.
People grows older, they wear more. Not a weak sign.

It is very cold in here, and I am thinking if the heat is on.
I shall bring another heater fan here later no matter what.
Even if I move elsewhre I still have to have this anyways.
Never know Vancouver can be this cold. I think it is around zero now.

Okay time for bed...... I had a griddle, harsh brown, and a berry pie for breakfast.

Good night.... and good morning my love!

Tak :smitten:


New Post! December 08, 2007 @ 06:38:40 pm
For those who would like to dig the school album.
this RosaryHill School is in Hong Kong.

Sorry Kai, I dont want to dig up some past and intrude both of our privacy, but blame on whoever IT people who changed the email to the who r u to make people to laugh at me at large.

I think it is time for you to ' lay off ' some whom you think on duty the day you send me that email.
Or those at Yahoo did that?

I am really afraid the real you got isolated just like myself and the fake ones are all over town. People love to use similiar names to sound alike...etc. Jesus I dont have to entertain these people as I am never paid for such trouble.

If H3 and T3 are mad, let them know how much trouble these fans of theirs got me into before they ever can understand how angry I am.

ETak ... not Yi, not Ying, not whatsoever.


New Post! December 09, 2007 @ 06:08:54 am

I am back at work. think it will be busy tonight.
I am thinking if I shall go chinese tea before I go to bed tomorrow morning... or to buffet.

I worked hard, I spend hard. My theory.
Tomorrow is another day.
I do investment analysis, but I have trouble saving myself, I know you are good at savings...hahah.

I am having some munchies... Jr chicken.
Not bad spicy... I like spicy foods.
YOu should be lunch munchie now.

Room is cold where I am living.
Certainly someone intruded in when I am at work. they connected the wrong phone jack wire.... coz I have my own.
Maybe that is why no one picks up the phone.



New Post! December 09, 2007 @ 11:02:31 am

I locked the locker with my keys in the bag....!!!
I am looking for any '' jaws of life'' if available somewhere in the store so that I can clip open the small lock ...

my bag is there, jeans ....folder, computer....bag...etc...
RRRRRRRrrrrRRRRRR!!!!!Things I cannot leave inside my room.

((( spoils my mood for a good meal before sleep pending..((

Having my break! Trying to open the lock with a hair pin!

Love Tak


New Post! December 09, 2007 @ 03:27:26 pm

Well I am not too audistic ...I supposed.
I never am... but dont want to say much thats all.

I have to wait until the stores open / mall open before I can buy or get a lock cutter... just like locking the keys in the car...
I did that so very often..hehe. one thing I dont buy power locked cars...cant open that with a disassembled wire hanger.

There are abunch of ex workers from my uncle uniform store in HK which made alot of rumors about me and cousin Bosco. God forbid, I went to Canada in the 1980s, and last seen him at my brother's wedding in 1987... Dave/ Lau was there too and he took the family banquet with us. Anyone who was with common IQ knew we were more than just dating then. I m not that type which brings an extra friend / acting as gf or bf to get an extra 'gold peach' from the granny if it was a big big birthday! ( then get that golden peach from the friend later on ..... I am not that money minded )

Cousins went to study in the STates after F3 and we seldom see each other at all. WE only saw each other once a year during family gatherings. How could we possibly dated each other?
He lived in the New Territories, I lived on the island.
He studied on Kowloon side, me on HK side.
I am not Cousin Amy, she studied at MCS, I, MSS.

I saw Michael Fung outside ITI 97 when I was studying some courses there, I never knew he is my cousin! He looked exactly like my God mom at Confirmation Alice even with the '' mushroom head ''.
His limo almost touched me when I was crossing and he bursted out a smile at the back seat when he saw me almost throwing a fit ...
He was wearing a navy blue suit that day.

Okay I have to make a few calls to find out where I can get a lock cutter....
I dont do these things, I dont even have a screw driver at home.
Tak :smitten:


Master of Unlocking

New Post! December 09, 2007 @ 03:34:33 pm
@771200 Said
thanks folks, it is better to have all your IT colleques read it, joked about it before you ever know about it ....hahaha

So instead you post it for the hole world to joke about it


New Post! December 09, 2007 @ 03:37:14 pm
Is your chick even a member of this site?

...I think you just want attention


New Post! December 09, 2007 @ 03:40:37 pm

) my manager open the lock...hehe I can go home.
remind me to buy a number lock..but I have trouble with number locks b4.,..?!! The vault number lock are much better in catching the numbers than the school locker Lock I used to have.

Thanks a million.....

Oh someone left an old '' thumb'' screwdriver at my old apt.
The same one which Tang had. I saw Louis using it.
She put the immigration prospectus binder ( black color) on top of the tool box where he dug out the thumb screwdriver...

I was wonder why it was in my home, was it a common one?
The tenant who planted marijuanna at my place b4 I took back the premise.... I dont think they related to Tang...would they???



New Post! December 09, 2007 @ 03:46:31 pm
My impression of this person:

Today was a screwy day today. Last night before going to bed I had some vanilla pudding
with whole milk in it and I forgot that I was lactose intolerant, so my day started of with crap
all over my yellow tighty widies. I just threw my clothes outside my window landing in a
recycle bin. I went to work, but forgot to put on pants and then I came home because I was
fired for being a total reject who seeks out attention over the internet. If only my
immaginary girlfriend were real, and there indeed really were someone who cared about me
to read this... then I wouldn't have to try and make myself look important to strangers over
the internet and just be normal and call her or email her normally... I'm going to kill myself.


New Post! December 10, 2007 @ 01:45:55 am

How are you? I have been at home, doing the laundry and also my nails. Dont know why my natural nails cannot grow.
And there are so many cracks on the hands, dry winter hands...
I bought gloves in case I need to touch detergents.

Tonight I m off so I can wait until it is night to go to bed.
The weather is still very cold or it is just me?
I already ate a big breakfast this morning..... mmm.
I bought tiny stuffs from daiso today again.
Something to improve the living standard, inexpensive luxuries.

I am looking for something called Spring day bell / chun yat ling ...a Japanse charming hanging face which I used 2 have when I was a kid. Not that Cat with a swinging paw.

Maybe it is a habit that I still prefer to buy Japanese goods. I trust their quality and durability. I bought a 3 fold umbrella,in Japan in mid 1980s and it only recently started to fail.
It was pretty expensive, I bought that at Mitsukushi Tokyo.
The size impressed me cause most folded umbrella was a few inches longer.

Dreams come true has been something which most people wanted, but never for me. I have dreams about bad things all the time I never want these to become reality at all. If you can, change that for me.

I miss your transmission.... it is so soft. Mute mute..!!
I miss you. I miss the birds... I still havent found a trustworthy optometrist yet.. where is Cambie and 41?

Feet are still cold though they are under the blanket.
No stars no moon.... tired but dont want to go to sleep.
5pm and it is dark outside already.
Never expected vancouver is so cold.

Okay I need to leave the room for a while.
Write to u later. I need my hugs ...
I need to buy an extra pillow as well.



New Post! December 10, 2007 @ 01:57:45 am

I dont care what and how others look at me. They have not encounter living in a place which one can only contact those whom they are allowed to.

In HK between 98-03,

I could not call offices at North Point
I could not call Consulate in Ottawa
My friends could not call me ( they are not the red side )
My relatves all lie to me about you
Only those IDD from the states, I can have some '' freedom''.
Cause they cannot screen calls from thre.
Even mom could not call me ( no answer but in fact the phone never rings at my end)

This is why I dont want to return to live there. If I had not called my friends to double check, I never know they tried to contact me at times which I am at home but that phone never rang when they called.
Even when I switched to using mobile phones only.

One reason why I write here instead of sending emails or making calls. These people never know or understand what it is like to be living in a ''isolated'' world.
Isolated from those who coudl have helped me in my career,
or can bring me connections or better friends.

I dont like living in a communist country nor a semi one.
I dont mind the whole world laughing. Alot are so ignorant and adamant that I dont need their approval.

Who told you I was dead.... must be behind all these screening.



New Post! December 10, 2007 @ 05:51:17 pm

Gd morning, it can be your evening already how are you?
how s your day?

I m going out with Josephine today, maybe for lunch since she has to pick up her kids later, busy mom.

The sky is blue adn it is 10 my time, but still pretty sleepy.
Missed my coffee. Bought some rose bits for the ancestors, and the whole room has the fragance.

I miss you honey. I am still at 3700 kilby. (House Inn). I dont want to rent alone. Had experience of opening the door and the place was as empty as a new house ( got broken into)


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