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New Post! December 10, 2007 @ 11:45:22 pm

I am home now, after a big lunch with Josephine, she has to go to pick up her kids. As said, very busy mom.

I never know there is sweet n sour won ton here...hehe.
Grand ma liked this dish pretty much. Dad loved beef briskets.
The hot sauce is not too hot...
What I brought home now is on the ancestor's table.
I think it could be late tonight that I shall be hungry again.

Where r u my love? I miss you.
I am going to be Koala today, eat n sleep.
Else I can be shopping at Daiso again...
I need my tree to cuddle to sleep.
I dont want to share my bed with one I cannot trust.
Remember the movie Basic instinct??

The restaurant is pretty filled even on a Monday lunch.
Even on a cold Monday day...
Wonder if I can see stars via the sky window tonight?
I love the night. I love owls...
If you are flying at night,I hope you can take me to the cockpit to see the sight.

now you should be in bed now.
Sleep tight.
mmmm the emoticons are not as abundant as the other site...



New Post! December 11, 2007 @ 01:58:12 am

Reviewing the email...
I dont know what you MUST say or do...
I have not been aware of the word '' must '' there.
In fact, I have been tired, for years. Not being able to pay attention to a lot of things. If it is not work not a must.. I dont give a 'damp' at all.

Where are you my love? I miss you.
Flying around for deals etc? Hope you are well.
Smiley.. my grumpy kiddo.

THe fake nails look like real after I tailored them.
Very cheap alot of bucks compare to getting a real manicure. This is to let the real underlayer grow, to protect it from chipping. Maybe I miss calcium.
I better take my vitamins more regularly. ( but too hot to the systems sometimes the gums hurt if I regularly take those pills )

I am still residing at Richmond BC. Kilby Court.
If I change I shall inform you here.
If I live with my relatives in HK. It is still a room inside a house.
Not much difference.
Still cannot keep pets.... maybe some gerbils.

Remember the stop the seal hunt website? Have you supported that organisation? And the Feed the animals site? I sent you the link.
Hope you received them.

I know cold cuts are good with sandwiches... though many are against eating red meat, but I personally think red meat is good for you if not excessively. Better for health.
I need alot of meat and protein to look fine myself.
Even though I love to be a vegetarian due to religious and my passion for animals..

Fish is good for you, fish and veggies.
ginko is good for memory.

Work hard, spend hard and eat well, good rest.
Best element to good living.

Tak :ah:


New Post! December 11, 2007 @ 02:04:22 am
@771200 Said
This is better, no one in between can alter anything....
emails and messages can be filtered or stopped or even altered before the other party received it.

Thanks for the concern...

uhh? no need to sound rude here, by any means at all, but what the hell? youre afraid of some form of internet patriot act?

ive never once experienced an issue with a PM. ever.

then again, everyone has their own methods. if this is the way its gotta be, then so be it.

but youre still a strange one


New Post! December 11, 2007 @ 07:11:57 pm

How are you? I love you. Have you been well?

I am thinking if I should go out today...
I still have not buy bird seeds.
Not many in sight but when I see them searching for food in a concrete city, i just feel bad for them.

I had been sick, I had been hungry, so I know I should give to the poor and the birdies whenever I can. It is Christmas.
The worse part was I had so poor gums n teeth that it hurt whenever I eat....
Now I am much much better but I have to brush right after eating..
There is something at Daiso that help you brush between the teeth.
Like floss but better, less gums bleeding. I am using those.

So u cannot be dead. I am your responsibility as you promised.
You have to be well and happy so that you can share with me your happiness.

Where will you be during Christmas? Heard those Hotel in HK the Xmas dinner is fully booked. Are you making your own butter ball?
I still love the dessert buffet at ...which hotel was that it is close to Wanchai harbor...I forgot the name.

The buffet here is not as expensive...around 10% less in price.
There are more and more 'recycled singles' nowadays and eating out is always a great idea. No piles of dishes for Christmas morning present.

Anyways, hope to hear from you during Christmas. I only have one day holiday... the day when all store are closed... 25th??? m not sure.



New Post! December 12, 2007 @ 06:09:23 am

someone broke my small lock on the suitcase at where I live.
Not much in there, no valuables..but my passport and some cheques.
I shall update my passbook to check if stealing continues I shall contact local police again. hope they are not as lazy as the one at YZZ.

First they came in to smoke, then they came in to check.
So they can call my relatives in HK if they know them.
If not cheaper I should not have lived with Chinese.
But living with other race cannot guarantee immuisation from stealing either.

Start workign at 11pm. but want to relax have some food .... type ot you before starting work.



New Post! December 12, 2007 @ 03:31:22 pm

I m off now.
Those live in whores stop playing with the bluetooth reader.
Guess by now they know we are connected in someway still...

M still living at the house inn at 3700 kilby court.
Though people been intruding into my room. Nothin for them to steal anyways. Police is pretty near...hahaha.

Hope these ones take finger prints though lot of tourist visa ppl do not leave prints at the customs unlike Japan.
I think this is needed. Just like HK alot of '' free walk'' coming to make money either by prostitution or theft...etc.
Previously known as the '' flag soldier'' mainly male. Now it is even harder to capture them after they committed crimes.

Sometimes it is okay to let your brothers to rob you... hahaha...
HK is part of China now!

I never let my brother rob me...cause he is richer than I am!



New Post! December 12, 2007 @ 03:35:23 pm

sorry.... wrong gramma ..''let is infinitive without to''
so it is okay to let your brother rob you...hahaha.

7:34 am .... think I miss the 98 bus anyways...



Master of Unlocking

New Post! December 12, 2007 @ 03:37:28 pm
Must be fun having a one sided convo


New Post! December 12, 2007 @ 06:30:46 pm

Hope that base cleff is not my cousin Pete ( T3 )
Anyways I am keeping this diary for my love, and dont mind if they read or say whatsoever.

One way you know I am still alive, despite those whore trying to play hope and hopeless game with the reader with you.
They have been doing that to me 24/7 for the past 4 years, but in vain I am still happy and sound.
No wonder Ipod is so good in sales.
you just have to turn on the radio but zero the volume to do the interference. But I think another party did somethign to my apt then to decrease the irritation too. Thanks.

I dont have a fridge that hums pretty frequently but there are always ways to increase the energy content in the air.
You know I worked in telecommunications before too ...
Not in sales of course... I seldom bluff.

Where are you my love? I miss you. I m ready to go to bed..1030am.
Waiting to be sleepy... pop drink keeps me awake but can be awake for 24hrs...haha.

Okay big front teeth... are you grumpy today?
When no one around you forces you to drink soup...arent you feel you are missing something???


Smiley.... handsome!



New Post! December 13, 2007 @ 06:41:58 am

Where are you my love? Sleeping..?
hehe.... what the time zone diff? You cannot tell me I know that.

I m at work plc again... digging graves...pretty cold tonight.
Warming up my diet coke before drinking.
U should see how some live in whore ' spiteful' look when they see me...

Ah if u know anyone needing investment consultation.
I am charged by the hour. $50 bucks min.
Cash n carry...hahah.
No handling of portfolio, no selling for any particular investment comapany. So my opinion is never '' biased''.
Ask your folks to email me if they have referral.
Only doubt if my emails are still being filtered.
Cannot reply to my brother's son Kyron's email.
While once in this blue moon I receive an email from them.
I left my phone number with Florence.
Just in case mom wanted to call me. but I dont think so.
Anyways dont want to see her in an old age home even though I cannot stand dealing with her. She is so selfish and money minded.

I dig graves...but I dont have a 'dig' so she never listens.

BTW, is Dave still working for you in HK? HEard your staff sent him to India quite frequently. ( accounting dept? )
His sister Angie, must be married by now.
Anyways, besides sex Dave and I have nothing interesting in common.
But a day is 24 hours and sex is only at most half an hour, you cannot be with someone only for this purpose.
I dont think I am angry at him any longer, but only I cannot be with this type of people for the rest of my life. He is like my mom. Too manipulative, deceptive and selfish.

It is almost time for me to get changed.
so when you awake in the morning, you can read this with your morning papers.

I am applying to workgraveyard new yrs dy ..too. ( OT pay if not why not? )



New Post! December 13, 2007 @ 12:47:17 pm

Hey I am on break... are you sleeping?
4am my time....

Which book are you reading now?
Close to you need to play Santa??
or need to escape elsewhere .... just like some of my relatives during Luna new yr?

They say To 3 married to Japan.. so he must go to Japan when the store closed for holidays during or close to Lunar new yr.
Think his kids can be pretty much as tall as I am now.
I am still tiny. 5 ft..... wearing boy size medium clothes..
save some bucks though if I dont need to go to banquets.

Who is the steaming coffee mug in the office? Chau? Chan?
hahah. If you can send me transmission, think you know my position already. Just wonder if you can check the other ( irritation ) party's position as well using me as the '' north star ''.
I was in orienteering during high school and we could locate our position using to other relative points. But I was not too good at georgraphy..joining this was another way to go mountain hiking.
Or an escape out of the house.

YOu appeared in front of me outside Food Basic before I moved out of the complex last year. You did not turn your head to signal me to go backwards. Or was that a fake? That one was close to the one driving a blue saab in 96... paralleling my jeep all along Finch..till Don Mills. I never bought the red convertible one in fact. A bit off my budget when I needed to pay very high business U fees then.
MY company did not pay that for me. I did that out of my own savings.
All these years I tried so hard to move up and these people whose daughters are after you had been messing up my life/ moves pretty bad. YOu better nail them for me. Now I think I want a break, need someone to give me a lift rather than swimming on my own.
Not someone who needs me to give him a ride in life just like Dave/Lau. If marriage can be used like this, think I learnt the hard way.

I remember the factory which maded the ruby shirt for the business U was addressed somewhere at Tai tam HK. I think they bought out my project group memebers to give me a hard time. Was that related to Xhole Bosco's people again?

To be honest I hate this cousin guts, as a man he should be brave enough to stand up and tell the whole world what he did was never for me but for his own cowardice escape. And I honestly think his delusion was arisen from that tag he had...since when??
His parents spoiled him rotten unlike yours.
Eldest son in the Chiu Chow family. No offense to your elder brother...hahaha.

When is the good foot ball game next season?
Sending me a transmission on that?
Who told you I like chocolate icecream bars??

I dont speak to strangers much except I need to
ie my customers, my colleques...etc.
Dont have to try me out.
I like female companion because it is safer.
I only go out with a few of those whom I know for a long time.
You know this right?

Mom only brought me to visit my cousin ( then still living at Broadcast road lung king lau) when I was 5 years old. I never live there. Those are my cousins...not my siblings. I have utmost respect for my dad..... cause he did a lot to bring us up.
That was when the H3 and T3 opened up Amy's kimono to try on me...
The one with a large red ribbon at the back....I am not Amy! Maybe you saw me as I saw myself in the mirror in their sitting room.

I cannot say another person is my dad that is irrespectful to the one I love so much and who did so much for us.
I dont know what they did when they were young... but we all are young once... and I dont care!




New Post! December 13, 2007 @ 12:59:52 pm
Dear Tak,

You are officially scaring me, Just like the time when louise from accounts scared me when she was hiding in the closet then came out. I still to this day think of it.
My Mug is the white one, and you should make the coffee next time. but im not worried about the shirt..

I really have no i-f***ing-dea what you are on about on these enteries nor do i think your normal? every heard of email?



New Post! December 13, 2007 @ 05:49:17 pm

I am back home, washed and ready to go to bed.
Good that you looked back to see who was swearing....hahah.
So you know its me.
Who else...??

I am seldom on ICQ recently, cause random chat only encountered people from Russia. But the time zone diff is great, should run into those from US or Canada more.
I refused to chat with '' filtered''/ assigned targets.

Some f***ing chings are trying to play some head turning game until I just murmured lough enough for them to hear..telling them to f off.
Who are they to mess with local citizen's affair or well being?
I wonder how many are hiding here using someone else's ID.
Those who are currently living abroad.

You think by being nice will move these xos? they have no conscience to begin with! Barking up to the wrong tree!

If the western Wjar ppl know those asians are using these tags to steal equity from those implanted, by knowing everything about these people... there should be a law to govern the usage of such.
There have been enough people going from riches to rags, from sane to artificial insanity by exhibiting some symptoms.

Do you think I believe a word these people say? you bet I am not.
Double blind method saying to each of us that the other has died.
To induce depression or to make us chose the mate they assigne us to?

Tan() Yi Cantonese name should read Tong Yick ..not Yee at all.
So ask her and Clare to leave my ID alone. Beside I did not renew any driver license to be used anymore. IN Vancouver, one can either take a taxi or bus..the weather is never as unforgiven.
How many important people have Tank and her team of China whores tagged so far? In Canada or in China or in HK???

There is no games to play when the secret of the tag is broken.
I should have told them I know about this thing. Call me a real psychic or it is whatever... because of my background.

If you happen to see Joe...Ceci's ex.. then you knwo what these live in whores can do after they are through with their prey. Like the black widow spider eating up the mate after mating.

There is problem with me replying to Kyron's email. but my polite replying doesnt mean you have to befrined them.
YOu should know whose line to go to, if I am in Vancouver.
So you dont need to give '' jetso'' to my family in Aussie at all if you dont like them after all these years of games in lying to each of us apart..

Okay. time for bed.



New Post! December 13, 2007 @ 06:08:54 pm
Dear Mark:

If u feel scary, you dont have to continue reading what I write. I know thre is something called email. but email can be opened by your system admin before you do. and still have the hyperlink color stays blue.

I said my reason for keeping the diary here for my love to read. I dont mind what others say or do. I just need my message un altered and read by him where ever he is. Dont have to lock into his company email. Somewhere I can have full freedom of expression. Not in some communist country where freedom of expression is censored.

Thank you for your concern. From Tak.


New Post! December 14, 2007 @ 06:31:31 am

Well how r u?
Where r u?

m back at work. pretty cold tonight.
think I should have got paid.
) when I got paid, I go to eat '' ginger pork hog''.
my favorite...
was afraid of having pimples in teh past if eating this, now no need to.

Still have not tried any of those energy drinks...
still sticking to coffee and coke.
pretty sleepy...
Bus is packed...think tonight a lot of ppl are out for fun.


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