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Richmond, Canada
Joined: Oct 2015

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Age: 55
Gender: F
Location: Richmond
British Columbia
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PLS: ? 96.44
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About Me
If you wish to contact me, just PM me at the site. if I receive it, I always reply. Or, post as reply to journal written by 771200 as an alternative to reach me. 4-5pm VanBC Canada Chinatown plaza mall ENTRANCE OUTSIDE area. Find Tak/771200 seeking contingency lawyer huge claim to Telecom giant hence being soft detent . Google Bettersongs2sing with library computer with tourist login so Li cannot trace you with a phone-line. Tak is seeking contingency lawyer and set up a routine to appear at mall plaza entrance everyday. Find her in person with a lawyer and earn referral fees. (6%-10% of what the lawyers get)Claims in the billions.

Who I Want To Meet
People who are interested in watching the website with us, and contingency lawyers who are interested in picking up Tak's case in Canada or outside Canada. link [] click message board, click read more.

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I have no life

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reading (2098), movies (1143), cooking (548), piano (87), web crawling, like a potato couch now..,
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