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TFS Journal
I am keeping my journal diary here... for my love to read. Not spam!
December 05, 2007 @ 04:28:33 pm

I am continuing the diary here to share.
No need to open company email to read this.
Since loyaukee has revamped, I have been searching for a place to continue the diary, the transmission is vvv soft and I cannot hear it.
So you better revamp the transmission too, Kai!
These days I have been life as usual but credit cards has some balances unaccounted for hope I received the statements soon...
I am still in Richmond, BC.
I still have trouble with that stupid credit union bank card...
I still have to go to the bank to find out why.
Love from tak to Kai. Hope this posting is not quarantined.

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New Post! December 05, 2007 @ 04:33:02 pm
I am testing here...I typed something but not showing?!!1
Life as usual since last posting at loyaukee after it revamped, I have no intention to use that site again that sitecoat stinks.

I have doubts on the card spending. 1k more than recorded. that si alot.
I have trouble with that creditunion bank card they want to see me twice a month I supposed...stupid card, stupid bank machine/system??

I am still at Richmond BC. Where are you my love?
Can you adjust the transmission?? very quiet these days.
New room... facing the pine and the short cut facing the mail box.
Not the driveway. I still need the hugs..

Tak to Kai.


New Post! December 06, 2007 @ 12:45:36 pm

M at the store tonight, 2nd nite duty, 2 more to go for this week.
there was a fight here and police were called.

No big deal. There is surveillance here.. they just have to retrieve the recordings and hand that to the police.
3 Whites apprehending an Asian guy... words are exchanged the the fight followed. The White guy instigated the fight.

Well, we did what we should as a by stander. Report and record.
The rest is up to the police.
IF this is a way to make us '' pay for security'' I think this trick is pretty old.
Budget is budget...
I am here, paid by the hour. I am happy to be paid by the hour.
I emailed the link to you already, so you can see I am fine tonight.
Ate at the chinese restaurant '' fishing terrace'' at aberdeen yesterday. ( chicken soup wine ) I cannot make that at home, mom said once this is pretty good for women in winter. I need sth which can make me generate more body heat..... I have been wearing a down vest plus a nylon jacket all a stuffed pig.
hahahah.... how is your day my love?

Love from Tak.

Tak :smitten:



New Post! December 06, 2007 @ 12:49:51 pm
Why not use a frigging PM to each other...


New Post! December 06, 2007 @ 12:54:11 pm
This is better, no one in between can alter anything....
emails and messages can be filtered or stopped or even altered before the other party received it.

Thanks for the concern...

Ah, Kai:

I told you I need a cash job to pay my fix bills because consulting work, there is no fix pay day, no fix amount.... dont know when the next cheque is coming!
NO longer conusulted with Investors group...since Dec 2005
So dont sent your cheques there to invest anymore, they will go to my directors, I never received a penny in commission.
Joyce moved. ( told within 10 days... to another place.)
So phone number will be changed too.
She worked for Lifung in the 80s.
Her lastname is Lee not Li.


Tak :smitten:



New Post! December 06, 2007 @ 12:56:44 pm
@771200 Said
This is better, no one in between can alter anything....
emails and messages can be filtered or stopped or even altered before the other party received it.

Thanks for the concern...



RIP Boobie

New Post! December 06, 2007 @ 01:02:24 pm
@771200 Said
This is better, no one in between can alter anything....
emails and messages can be filtered or stopped or even altered before the other party received it.

Thanks for the concern...

Ah, Kai:

But everyone else can read this


New Post! December 06, 2007 @ 03:30:15 pm
thanks folks, it is better to have all your IT colleques read it, joked about it before you ever know about it ....hahaha


My duty is tue,wed,thurs,fri,sat graveyard 11p-7a so is next week....
where are you my love?
Someone sent me a message after I left a favor offer message at favor village sometime ago that I am willing to dog sit for free...
for one or two days if the owner need to travel out of province. ButI dont find the time now.I got a message, but I cannot help I feel bad..
Next time when I am going close to pet shop, remind me to buy a pack of birds seeds..... btw dont see birds too often.
Not even those '' ark ark ark ''.
Called home and told them I moved to Vancouver, but did not talk to mom. There is no use showing all she has 6th sense but lying all her life and even to her daughter. Who will believe in her?
Anyways, all my life I foudn you are the only one who has been true to me.

I am not that kind who will betray people when there is money.
M going home now...sleepy.

Tak :smitten:


New Post! December 06, 2007 @ 05:17:46 pm
Below is the missing days diary I wrote in Word in the laptop during those days when I decided not to post at some chinese website anymore.

Kai :

I still keeping the diary even I am not posting to the forum anymore. That forum has changed coat and God forbid, I just don?t like its appearance. The weather is cold and it is hard for you to transmit I understand. I am going to buy a small heat fan here to replace the small oil heater which makes not much difference in temperature anyways.

I am working to night and tomorrow night as well someone broke the glass door of the store yesterday night and it was closed early for repair? if you were around to look for me, what an ?? rehearsed?? arrangement if not it is an accident. People are often trying to harass for better deals they cannot afford. Bloody get a job man or apply for welfare my advice for these people.
But we actually have to thank this guy for actually breaking the door down so we can have a new one, the old one can never close properly and insurance is paying for this anyways. No store can be opened without insurance that is against the rental agreement. Now both the staff and the customers can be indoor to eat and serve with reasonably warmth. That is part of service. The company?s policy is also to provide the staff with adequate amenities and environment to do their job well not freezing in the cold with a short sleeve uniform.

Where are you my love? Are you feeling well? I just bought curry mutton take out from the Mall. I need something ?? hot ?? before I go to work.
I am having my own phone line in my own room, others should not come in use my phone and claim the line is theirs. I am not afraid to confront these cheap x in person because when I was using the houseline, they did confront me in every way.
And it is good to be mean to these people who were mean to me first..
It is 830pm my time and almost time for me to go to work. Bus coming at 9:08p

Digging graves again? shift 11p to 7am. If I am a whore, I will be off at 4am.
But our store Xmas party this year will be at the nightclub next door.
Still thinking someone enters my room when I am at work. Cause the temp of the heater was adjusted? anyways, it is small and never does the same as the previous bigger one.

Dec 1st? got the bus pass? mailed out the Xmas cards to various geriatric recipients?etc.

That stupid credit union bank card is not working properly or the bank people want me to go there in person to do the withdraw instead? They are opened an hour after I got off work, where to spend that stupid hour when I am really sleepy? It is snowing in Vancouver!!! First time I heard of snowing there? the weather is really ?? reversing??. It never has minus 5 in winter b4, it was always like HK?s winter? now HK is lukewarm and here is cold? I still have a long coat which I had not washed yet? I got 2 nite off during the weekend after tonight night shift.
I like the night?. I like owl?. If u can would you go nocturnal flying with me?
How is that ?? bulktooth?? sick kid? I miss him, hope you can let some transmission go thru, because this will help him recover. He is part of the family too? regardless.

I think this plc is ran by those brown frogs in the comics. I no longer want to have anything to do with Tang?. these people have a diff ( totally diff) mentality than ours.
I don?t care what they think or want. I know what I want and think of.
Can you arrange me to live at where you can have some control of?

At least I want some stability and hope what I wanted is not being used against by some xhole to black mail you for money or any other favors.
I gave my phone number to my land lady, my buddy and 3 suk.
No one from moms? side, seems like they want me to pretend to be someone?s else. Someone?s daughter?etc to marry up. Sorry, I cannot deny the efforts in upbringing my papa put in all those years for such a empty fame. I think you will not take up anyone who does this to climb up the ladder either. Your sister in law never had to do this, why would they want me to do this?
BS?Okay I am feeling a bit sleepy now, wake me up at 7pm. I really don?t want to work tonight? but I need the money? that is why. I love you kiddo?.

Tonight is cold another graveyard night? gone by, some angry incidents as usual, some lousy customers trying to short change, trying to harass for a more expensive burger, etc etc? sometimes these people are not too much older than myself, or some even younger. Why are they on the streets? This is a scary thing. These people are well dressed, I mean their coats are expensive brands but their dirty hands and hair etc?. you know they sleep on the street.
How come they cannot get hired or maybe they prefer not to. Last night it was like in Toronto, waiting for the bus in the snow?. Someone asked me to form a ?? taxi share?? but I refused, knowing I am the last one to get off and the price must be much higher than she suggested.

I feel I need to pamper myself a bit, so I am here in the hotel enjoying my breakfast even after eating a big meal at the work place?. I need the sugar to stand the cold. Sometimes I don?t know why my extremities are always colder than most people, even indoors.
I am eating more so that maybe I can feel warmer.
If I am in Toronto, I would eat this omelette at Richtree?. It is Christmas?month again?
My hands are warm but my chest is cold?. When my extremities are cold my body is warmer..
After eating? I think I should save the budget for the bird nests instead?.hahaha?

Where are you my love? I had a bad night last nite? I broke my pair of glasses?by putting it in the pocket of my pants? now everything is a bit blur and dispersed from afar.
I am still searching for a site to continue my diary for you. Maybe you cannot receive it due to some other interference? my laptop can be wireless still but whether you can receive this is still unknown at my end.

Okay the battery is almost gone and I need to wrap up? I think the Canadian economy really has a problem. It is Sunday morning and the breakfast room of some hotel only has 4 tables occupied, I think I saw that painting on the wall before?. I forgot the meaning, what it stands for etc.

I ate a whole ?? warm air machine?? this morning? .hahaha.. this is the opportunity cost.
Half a bottle of bird?s nest? or 5 boxes of laundry powder.
Well at a place with a real fire place ?. ( even though burning with propane and not with firewood) I think it is not a bad idea to do that once in a while. I belong to better places, with better people, not where I am now or have been for the past few years.

I am getting sleepy and almost time for me to get back to the house inn and have a sleep. Another bus trip of an hour? and 2 transits.. The bus stops here don?t even have a ?? cover ??.

Before I am so sleepy that I jumped onto the wrong bus, I better get going 9am.

zzzZZZZzzz up and as dark as ever?3 oclock? We are having a snow storm that is why it is so dark? Nope, it is 3am.. in the morning. I slept around 12 hours still very sleepy? vv sleepy.
Accum fatique?as I used to call this.

There are problems whenever I want to go to some sites on the internet. Not pron sites, but some forum sites. I am trying to use another site, some International sites which don?t subject to scrutiny when I type, I want full freedom of expression. The dial up is pretty slow and it spin and spin ( the e logo) without ever finishing registration.
Anyways, I shall go there to register like it or not to continue the diary for you even if you are alive or dead. I never believe a word these people say to me. As I told them I need to see the proof. No proof, stop yapping.

I never like my cousin Bosco Lam, never dated him, never gone out alone with him once, not even escorting me to some MTR station after family gathering etc. He wants face, so do I , I want truth too. I like tall guys. (preferably slim)

I am going to buy some fake nails, my nails chip all the time without growing?so I think I am missing some nutrients here and there. And worse part is there can be cracks easily in winter.
Putting a piece of fake nail on top can protect the bottom and help it grow.

There is a sky window in my room and I can see some stars at night when the sky is clear. But these days it is either rainy, cloudy or snowing. Where are you my love? I miss you.
I am thinking of how I can receive mail. This place is a house inn? mail goes through other people before reaching me, unlike in the past I have my own mail box which I have keys. Renting one at the post office is pretty costly? the size footage compared to renting a whole storage.
Cousin in the states have PO boxes.. but people in the states have more ?? privacy?? then elsewhere. Since they are given and educated with such importance. I am living in some Chinese area and some Chinese mall post office?etc which I think the people there can be bought to tamper with anyone?s mail if they paid to.

The place is very quiet, wonder if you can still transmit. Maybe that is what you wanted.
I know you know what I am doing thinking all the time. I am anxious to find a site to post that for you. IF I find there is difficult to register to some sites at work than I know these people group together (where I live and work to hide my existence.). There is not much good positions at and I am searching for jobs in the States all the same some which pay the trouble to move there. Everything has a cost.

Now is winter, and it is very cold yesterday. I have to buy a pair of snow boots.
I shall sleep for a few hours and going out in the afternoon. FYI?. Still raining..raining?.and raining..!!! Dec 03/ 2007

Today I have night day out? eating my favorite pork hog ginger soup with rice.
This is very good for woman. ( or men was pretty cheap to woman? Only could spare hogs to women after they gave birth?? But the chemistry of putting vinegar will get the calcium out is really some good findings? especially in the olden ? no chemistry? days.) Bought pyjamas at sale price ( else I would not buy it ) and some fake nails to protect the real ones from chipping. I don?t know why recently the nails cannot grow properly. Anyways this ginger soup is one of my most favourite. Previously it gave me a lot of pimples? now my face scarcely disperse oil so I am afraid of wrinkles more than pimples?hahah. I got a pair of cheapie booties? next time when it is snowing, I wont have to worry snow going into my socks. Never expected Vancouver can have snow? the temperature has been above zero all the time!

TV is showing Charlie Brown at Xmas?. It is pretty humorous. It is good to watch something which will give my heart some feathers recently ?and not some weight.
I just had a call, they want me to go to work tonight, which is my night off, I refused. I cannot just jump about 24/7 anymore. If I do things wrong, no one will appreciate I work the shift for someone else, but just my fault. Since I have not napped in the afternoon, it is safer for me not to do this favor. Besides I had some laxative, I am clearing out expecting by tomorrow morning.

Where are you my love?? I miss you. I am a bit hungry tonight. 10pm and I am a bit sleepy already. No way for overnight work tonight. I will be on duty tomorrow night ? then a series of night duty.. like 4 of them before another break. I will be subscribing to high speed internet so there is no excuse of unable to open any site for posting. I am still writing to you my love.
Hope you know this. When the site has lots of links, it takes a million years to complete the transmission?..

Etak :smitten:
I know my biu uncle is hiring accountant, but I have no intention to return to HK for the time being....


New Post! December 07, 2007 @ 06:22:46 am
Kai :

M back at work. starting11p to 7a.

fyi. I dont know which date and time zone this web site belongs to.
Anyways, my mobile date is the 6th. and now it is 1021pm.
There are more ppl on the street hanging out, so tonight can be busier than yesterday.



New Post! December 07, 2007 @ 09:19:45 am
If you're going to post stuff like that, can you be careful not to give away any information that may identify you or where you live, please?


New Post! December 07, 2007 @ 10:56:06 am

m having a sundae and nuggets.... mmmm
honey mustard mmm.

hope you are eating too...
u cannot be actually as thin as a tree...even some are very big.
I cannot be Clare, or other ladies with a E prefix.
or sth sounding close.

If you still in touch with Miss.Chiu who should be around 60 yrs old now and Ms. Leung ( could be 70yrs old now ) Pls send my best regards.
Sour ngar chai. you dont have to hold your breath when you think
bad for the heart!
Breathe in n n out ( oh my are not in labor! hahaha...) whilst you think think think!



New Post! December 07, 2007 @ 03:39:08 pm

m off now.
m seekign for a lower rate credit card to tsf the balance.
at least lower rates for half yr so I can pay down the bal.
hahaha... I m never bad unless someone forced me to.

kinda of bruce lee character. will fight if I have to.
only when instigated ...

Some people can force people to lend by illegal methods, but they cannot actually force people to repay in full all the time.
the rules of the lending games have changed just these are too old fashioned in the head and lost touch with the reality for too long.
Stupid people running the company my comment..

tak :smitten:


New Post! December 08, 2007 @ 05:46:00 am

How are you? m back at the store early.
Might go out to have a stroll. but it is cold out there.
Thinking of having another chicken wine soup on my day off.

Think someone still intruding into my room smoking.
My towel smells smoke at one end as I used it after bathing.
I have not smoked for ages, only when I go drinking.
Or driving when I am tired.
Never at premises where there is carpet. This is pretty inconsiderate.

I think I should take a break before I start, and I need to go off to check my emails.
Oh someone is cleaning the common area in the house, think he was hired to do so. This should be done long time ago as there are so many competitors out there.... and the renting price is not cheap at all.

Tak :smitten:

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