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"Thank GOD! for straps!"
On April 13, 2015 treebee

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Government Hooker


London, United Kingdom
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Age: 52
Gender: F
Location: London

United Kingdom
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At weekends I spend my time making jam and infiltrating badgers secret meetings.

My ambition is to be a dirty old lady with many cats who screams inaudibly at cars either that or get married and settle down on a farm with some ducks and Weiner dogs. It could go either way

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New posts Baseball
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New posts I am going to the London Fetish Fair tomorrow


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bananas (7), listening to the radio (2), custard creams, funky town, ignoring the telephone., making bacon, tapping people on the shoulder and pretending it wasn\'t me, withnail and i, shouting at the television, brick top,
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