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On July 04, 2007 thomo

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Hull, United Kingdom
Joined: Oct 2005

My Stats
Age: 42
Gender: M
Location: Hull
Yorkshire and The Humber
United Kingdom
Posts: 4558
PLS: ? 48
Joined:: Oct 29, 2005
Reputation: 22


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About Me

Hello i'm thomo, if you think my profile is just CHEESE then tough i can't help that..
i like the yellow and it's not moving
I'm not hear for anything or to find anyone inparticular...
just interested in passing some spare time !!

The Rant of a Man Man - Part 1


Occasionally I log on after visiting the pub so look out if making no sense whatsoever,
but i'm a big fan of sober threads as well.

I'm the cook in stews retard cult. I want to see loads of
different wildlife, but Sea Slugs have turned out to be the next
thing i want to see, who would have thought that. Not to mention
Bears sorry whildchild i still love wild bears.

Also I've got to mention this i'm now cool according to garf, lol.
I've her well and truly fooled.

Who I Want To Meet

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My Interests (17)
cooking (544), sports (416), pool (128), poker (41), pubs (30), darts (27), sci-fi (22), handcuffs (2), kitesurfing with garf, naked dancing, wheelbarrow freestyling, stews retard cult, oh and playing cupboards with treebee !!., camels, garfs hats, sea slugs.,
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