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Public entry it's nearly
September 29, 2011 @ 08:09:15 pm
it's nearly 2 hrs since michael (mick-skins)passed away,
sometime's it seem's so long ago,yet some time's,only like yesterday,
i hope your happy michael,keep watching us & never stop singing
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Public entry MICK -SKINS MICHAEL, 31/05/66 -30/09/2009 AGED 43
September 30, 2010 @ 05:33:07 pm
A year ago today,
the angel's come and took you away,
the day's have merged into one,
the day we didn't want
has finally come

keep singing michael and i hope poppie has reached you safely
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Public entry MICK-SKINS
May 31, 2010 @ 02:09:34 am
michael would have been 44 today 31-05-66,those who knew him,knew what a caring,funny,witty and sarcastic man he could be,he's missed by us all xxx xx
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Public entry music
March 09, 2010 @ 02:11:39 pm

music makes me happy
when i am sad.
music makes me laugh,
when i am alone.
music makes me comfortable,
when i am not.
music makes me strong,
when i am weak.

music help's me apprciate,
it's message.
music help's me remember,
those important people in my life.
through it's message,
music hel's me unwind.

music showed me how,
beautiful life is.
music showed me how meaningless is my life,
if there's no music

michael loved music and had a excellent voice,this poem was read at his funeral,and is michael x

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Public entry that new thing
March 08, 2010 @ 09:02:31 pm
that new thing,that show's who the people are that live in your area,it's weird,it keep's showing me my dog gizzie(on my hubby's account)at first it wierded me out cos hubby as passed away,but now it's strangely comforting x
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Public entry your name
March 06, 2010 @ 09:58:16 pm
i found this poem year's ago in a charity shop,i got it for michael and framed it

your name

you got it from your father
it was all he had to give
so it's your's to use and cherish
for as long as you live

if you lose the watch he gave you
it can alway's be replaced
but a black mark on your name,son,
can never be erased

it was clean the day you took it
and a worthy name to bear
when he got it from his father
there was no dishonour there

so make sure you guard it wisely
after all is said and done
you'll be glad the name is spotless
when you give it to your son

edgar albert guest (1881-1959)
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Public entry painting
March 03, 2010 @ 04:55:43 pm
i have work men in tiling my kitchen and bathroom,then painting them,they should have done it last week i have my front dor open and it's cold here today,plus i'll have a headache from the paint,and i have a big bar of choc waiting for me,i won't be able to eat it now,worst of all,i need a wee and they can't talk english x
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Public entry i just need someone to listern
March 01, 2010 @ 08:24:58 am
i just need some one to listern,my heart is broken but i don't know what to do,for those who don't know my hubby of 6 yrs passed away on 30th sept last yr,when i woke up i wasn't breathing and hadn't been for awhile,my eldest had to get his dad out of bed for me to beginn c.p.r. untill the ambulance got to us,there were 2 ambulance's 2 police car's and a air ambulance,he was air lifted to hospital,i gave a brief discription to c.i.d,then the police rushed me to hospital,to be with michael,our eldest who hadd just turned 19 2 day's before had to deal with the forensic's then phone some family member's,my hubby passed away that evenig,my eldest has to have therapy his a very angry young man at the mo,he has trouble sleeping at night,i save my cryint to bed time,i don't want to do it in front of the boy's in fear they will think they have to stop grieveing in order to look after me,i don't want to go on,i want to be with michael,i can't though,they can't lose both of us so close together,i'm on anti depressent's but i want death soon,i'm not gonna do anything to end my life,i just want it over,most people think i'm coping o.k i'm not,i'm just excisting,i don't know how long just excisting will go on,i feel guilty there are load's of people worse off than me,still i can't stop feeling the way i do,if i had a magic wand i would take my kid's sorrow away,i don't even want to go to them when i hear them crying at night,cos i don't want them to feel they have to stop incase it is hurting me,i'm just mixed up
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Public entry how do you
February 15, 2010 @ 02:39:55 pm
how do you help your teens (18 and 19)deal with there dad passing away,especially one who was left on his own to take care of forensic's,and had to get his dad out of bed and watch me do c.p.r,when it was obvious he's dad had already gone,anyone got any idea's,he's down for councilling but has been told it could be 10 month's,how do i help in the mean time x
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Public entry heaven on earth
February 06, 2010 @ 08:46:42 pm
i have been sorting out my bedroom,and found a photo album michael used,while looking at it,i found this poem i wrote for him,i think it was for our 1st wedding annerversary,little did i know he really would be an angel so soon

heaven on earth

i got given my own angel in the shape of you,
they sent you to me,when i needed you most and was low,
you were sent to love me and be my guide,you done that and more you took me as your bride,
you give me all that i need without thinking and without greed,
and that's just a small part of why they sent you to me,
you took my sore and damaged soul,you held it gently and made it whole,
when i think of you,i know no one could love me more
in everything you say and do,you do it all for me i'm sure,
so on this special day,i send a small part of that back to you,
i give you everything i am and much more too,
i give you my heart and soul,and thankyou for being my angel,
for loving me so much,and for your gentle caring touch,
i got given an angel in the shape of you,and you made my dark day's go.
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