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On August 18, 2018 Spinkiegirl

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Chicago, Illinois
Joined: Jun 2008

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Age: 60
Gender: F
Location: Chicago
United States
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Well, i'am 46. A huge BEARS fan!!! I'am from the great city of kids. I was lucky to be the 1st. daughter born to very loving interracial, married parents..i have a brother and a sister. I'am currently deeply in love with a sexy and very loving Irishman.....

Who I Want To Meet
People who don't hate me because i'am NOT patriotic!! "GOD BLESS THE WORLD" after all, He created it!!! Obama supporter from day one! I don't vote for any political party on every issue....there's good and bad in all of them....IMO!! You may not like it, but I voted for Barack cause he looks like my Dad!

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New posts Some People....


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i am very much interested in the upcoming elections because this is truly..history in the making!!!, i am in love with panda bears!!! they are the cutest bears on earth...second only to my beloved chic,
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