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""Forget the Cowboy , Ride a Biker""
On February 16, 2013 WildChild

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Southern Middle, Tennessee
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United States
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About Me
Hey , My name is Mickey. I'm 39 years old .I am very strong willed and I stay busy most of the time. It's hard to keep up with me as I never slow down for anything.

I'm a cowgirl at heart I love horses but sometimes need a little more horse power so I go with the Iron horse (Harley Davidson).
I'm 100% pure Redneck yeah I even have the southern draw going on. So you may hear me say words that you don't normally use or even understand such as Yaw or as some spell it ya'll meaning you all, or maters meaning Tomatoes in your dialect or taters meaning potatoes. I reckon I am probably one of the most southern speaking folk on here but over time others have learned to read my mountain hill billy dialect. I am very proud of my way of life and my raising. I still beleive in the Golden Rule and do my best to uphold it .

I used to spend much more time on TFS when I was homebound with colon cancer and undergoing chemo treatments. I am cancer free at this time after some operations and treatments. I made it through all of that turmoil by the constant cheering on of many of my TFS friends. Everyone here calls me tough and amazing but really I am just stubborn as hell and refuse to give up.
I have many great friends on TFS and I love each and everyone of them. I never dreamed that I would become so attached to these people but they are very close to my heart and they know who they are. I enjoy being a Mod here on TFS and I do the best I can.

I'm a rare breed here on the board as I love Country Music, so I don't talk alot in the music forums because there is not much there on country music and nobody would have a clue who or what I was talking about anyway.
I stay away from political talks most of the time too as I tend to get a little rattled by somethings said about U.S. Soildiers, but you can rest assured they have my love and support. I love my Vets!!!
I don't normally accept friend request from very new members, I take my time and read a persons post for awhile before I add them as a friend, it's nothing personal it's just that I use my journal for a log of my daily goings on , my dreams and my passions and I only want to share those with people I somewhat know.If I deny yours or overlook it feel free to let me know after you've posted for awhile and I've got to know you better , or I may even do the inviting myself.
As a Mod I stand behind the decisions of the Admininstrators and other Mods here on TFS so it will do no good to ask me to change a decision that was originally made by either of them.


I tend to be a little "mother henish" at time because I care about the young people in this world , so if I lecture you I really mean no harm


I pretty much speak my mind most of the time , I am what I am , if you don't like it then ........... Well that's where my fav. song comes in to play . This is my anthem.

tearing down a dirt road , rebel flag flying
coon dog in the back
truck bed loaded down with beer and a cold one in my lap.
Earnhart sticker behind my head,
An" my man by my side
Tail piple popping,the radio's rocking"
"country Boy can survive"
Well if you got a problem with that,
you can kiss my country ass

Well I love turkey calls , overalls and wrangler jeans smoke nothing but marlboro reds
tattoos up and down my arms
an deer heads over my bed
my grandaddy fought in ww2 and my daddy went to Vietnam
AN' I ain't skeered to grab my gun and fight for my homeland
If you don't love the American flag
you can kiss my country ass

If you're a down home , backwoods redneck
C'mon stand up and raise your glass
but if you ain't down with my outlaw crowd
you can kiss my country ass

Well, there's a whole lotta high-class people out there
that's looking down on me
cause the country club where I belong is the honky tonk , till three in the morning
Don't wear no fancy clothes ,no ties or three peice suits
you can find me in my camoflauge hat my t-shirt and cowboy boots if that don't fit your social class , you can kiss my country ass

Cause I'm a front-porch sitting
guitar picking moonshine sipping
bacca juice spitting country boy from the woods
An' I love fried chicken an' blue gill fishing
an' outlaw women, an' I would'nt change if I could
I ain't trying to start no fight but I'll finish one every time
So you just mind your own damn business and stay the hell outta mind if y ou got a problem with that
well you can kiss my country ass

I said if you got a problem with any of that you can kiss my natural born, redneck to the bone ever lovin country ass.

Why Can't We All Just Get A Long Neck?

There's crime in the city streets
Always trouble in the middle east
How do we let things get so out of hand
Just watching the evening news
that would give anybody the blues
The more I know , I think, the less I understand

Oh, why can't we all just get a long neck?
and make a toast to peace and harmony
why , why can't we all just get a long neck?
See how good getting along might be

I'd like to buy the world a round
In a honky tonk on neutral ground
Where we can see inside we're all the same
Pop a top and let the good times pour
'till we forget what we're fighting for
I'll ask again could someone explain?

Oh why can't we all just get a long neck buswieser and make a toast to peace and harmony?


That's The way Love Goes
I've been throwing horseshoes
Over my left shoulder
I spent most all my life
searching for that four leaf clover

Yet you ran with me
chasing my rainbow
and honey I love you too
and that's the way love goes

That's the way love goes babe
That's the music God made
For all the world to sing
It's never old it grows
Losing makes me sorry
you say honey , now don't you worry don't you know, I love you too
and that's the way love goes
I've just recently TFS after a very long break and several emotional breakdowns. Not much about my life is the same as it was when I was here a few months ago. I may choose to fill some of you in on those changes ,for the rest just hang around and you'll find out. LOL

Actually at this time I just choose to keep my personal goings on between me and my long time friends both on and off of TFS.
Rest assured though that life is good for Wild and I'm doing greeeeeeeeeeeeeeat!

I made my TFS layout using

Who I Want To Meet
Great friends who are not afraid to express their opinions and who will stand up for what they beleive in and when you slam their name in a post or call them names you can expect me to come to their defense because that's just the way I am.

I'd also like to meet Tim McGraw for about hmmmm at least a couple of hours then I'd let Faith have him back. hee heee.

My dream is to meet Chris Shivers some day. He's a world champion bull rider and I love him.

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spending time with my ever growing family., long rides on the harley with my man. martial arts,
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