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On August 19, 2020 Mouse1988

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Troy, New York
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TFS Journal
February 11, 2020 @ 11:34:38 pm
If you dont believe in spirits of your loved ones maybe you will now. I looked high and low for my mac tonight foam head that was my dad's. It was not under the chair I asked my deceased dad to help me find him. . I just looked and there it was. Under the chair. So happy.

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New Post! February 12, 2020 @ 01:29:38 am
> A friend of mine always said, "if something is lost, say Saint Anthony, Saint Anthony, something is lost helpt it be found".

I tried it once and it worked.

> As to spirits of your loved... its a long story, but my mom once sent my dad and his 2nd wife a message in the form of ball lightning... my dad didn't head the message... things didn't end well.

> Also... separate but, maybe, related topic... I have seen angels... many times... they are not the spirits of our loved ones, but are none the less real..

Just saying....

This is not a spam post.

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