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On November 22, 2021 Mouse1988

More Pics

Troy, New York
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Age: 32
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New York
United States
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TFS Journal

Public entry So forever then?
November 22, 2021 @ 03:49:51 am
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Public entry The point is?
November 18, 2021 @ 03:37:01 am
Oh what a surprise I got blocked from another fb group for expressing my feelings and concerns over covid. At what point is even a reason to use social media.
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Public entry Untitled
November 11, 2021 @ 05:16:05 pm
Anyone have thus issue? You buy an item from say etsy and eBay and get no shipping start on items? I know I just bought the ebay item, so I will wait a day or so. But item I bought on etsy I have to wait 5 days passed the day I bought it. I would of understood if they only ship on a certain day. But was told no. I am starting to wonder about things.
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Public entry Untitled
October 15, 2021 @ 03:35:43 am
Can a lease be changed to say no dogs after it's up? There is a tenant that lives downstairs and has a dog that barks a lot. .
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Public entry Some good news
September 29, 2021 @ 06:12:29 pm
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Public entry Why
September 08, 2021 @ 04:24:38 am
Why do I bother posting? Things for free. All I get is a laugh emoji.
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Public entry ???????
September 05, 2021 @ 03:04:29 am
They say high covid cases in us. It's 198,298 of new cases. They say Florida has highest cases thier number is 17,961. So where do they get the high numbers from? Yes I get covid is still around.
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Public entry Dog issues
August 09, 2021 @ 04:59:47 pm
If I cover an area from a dog to stop digging will it just digging in a new spot?
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Public entry Yeah that will work
July 28, 2021 @ 05:55:26 pm
How is enforcing face masks for everyone even the vaccinated going to make people take the vaccine? If you still need to mask up after getting vaccinated NO ONE WILL WANT THE VACCINE!!!
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Public entry Question
June 24, 2021 @ 03:18:20 pm
I Have not posted in a while. But this mask mandate is insane!! WE DON’T NEED IT!!

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