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TV studio designs, they need more improvement!

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RapierMedia On July 12, 2016

Peterborough, United Kingdom
#1New Post! Sep 04, 2011 @ 19:35:20
In the past eight years, TV studio designs have taken a major downturn.

In the 90's you used to cover every part of the studio and out some elbow grease into the design, but now they don't do that and you focus entirely around lights to give you anything.

I've been watching loads of game shows and all I see around the sets are LCD monitors, Neon Lighting, and everything else left blacked out and untouched. They're not supposed to be this way.

Compare most TV sets with the set of the Jeremy Kyle Show, they've put some effort into making the set look good...there's no mark left untouched and every piece of the studio has some detail.

Half of the TV studios are left black and have no detail today, they always put something on the floor, and the walls had backdrops that made the studios look good...where did they all go?

It is in my opinion that TV studios must obtain more detail, with backdrops and proper flooring...and especially, nothing left black and bland!
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