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elderly people.... how cool are they lol

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beautifuldisaster On February 22, 2010

Sydney, Australia
#1New Post! Dec 25, 2005 @ 14:17:41
ok thought I should move this from the dumb facts thread it was alittle off topic lol so anyways it can be a place where we share our stories of old people or just one that I can use to talk about my gran and get lots of points!!


@digitalis Said
old people rock

I know lol my great gran is the best!!! lol She has such a sick mind though lol i LOVE it! She never remembers nething either its hilarious she asked me who I was about 6 times in 10 minutes lol and she walks around with one of those walkers i was walkin in front of her and I thought I was gonna die lol she speeds with that thing and the path could only fit one person at a time it was scary lol
digitalis On March 23, 2008

Cornwall, United Kingdom
#2New Post! Dec 25, 2005 @ 14:22:26
when i'm a wrinkly(assuming i get that far)i'm going make a point of being a nuicence and embaressment to all those around me
beautifuldisaster On February 22, 2010

Sydney, Australia
#3New Post! Dec 25, 2005 @ 14:24:46
Go for it!! I reckon at the age of 96 anyone would have a right to be able to do that lol plus it's hilarious!!
luvl3tter On October 19, 2007

, Wisconsin
#4New Post! Dec 25, 2005 @ 15:11:29
Elderly people have always been good friends of mine. When I was on my breaks at work, I would sit with the people who would come and visit each other daily.
Forget_About_Me On June 22, 2014
Victory is mine!

, Canada
#5New Post! Dec 26, 2005 @ 03:16:05
My grandma's awesome, she's 83 and when we see her during the holidays she always gets drunk and can barely walk. Last year she almost fell of the couch. Crazy stuff
brie On March 10, 2006


#6New Post! Dec 26, 2005 @ 03:18:25
old people are ethier majorly cool and then some of them are just mean
beautifuldisaster On February 22, 2010

Sydney, Australia
#7New Post! Dec 26, 2005 @ 03:22:44
My great gran would shoot me if she knew I was calling her and old person shes ONLY 96lol she was tellin my friends nan off who is 72 for suggesting they were old lol the two of em going at it was sooooooooooooooo funny
kinglegend On May 06, 2007

Brisbane, Australia
#8New Post! Dec 26, 2005 @ 03:23:46
My friends nan is hilarious with her sick mind. Also I operated an elavator for a short time and the old people I met there were cool too. And obviously any old people related to me
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