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On April 14, 2009 ladym

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Camping Holiday...
January 06, 2007 @ 12:30:56 pm
Went camping over the New Year Long weekend and it was great, until i got sunburnt...

Damn...i hate getting sunburnt....i hardly ever do but i also think it is a bit of windburn too.
We went to Ardrossan for 4 days to go camping, fishing and crabbing and had a great time, didnt catch any fish, but got some blue swimmer crabs. They were yummy and it was just sooo relaxing to get away, but it was hard to sleep as i got sunburnt on my left arm, and i love to sleep on my side.
It was also hot, REAL HOT days, and thats not always nice to be in a tent. But it was a great experience to celebrate NewYears far from Home. Man, Caravan Parks sure can get NOISY.....

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