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"The Random Ass Girl!"
On June 24, 2009 jadey_girl

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Hertfordshire, United Kingdom
Joined: Feb 2007

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Age: 31
Gender: F
Location: Hertfordshire

United Kingdom
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Joined:: Feb 21, 2007
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About Me
Hey I'm Jade! Wow, I haven't been on here in ages, I've just been caught up in lots of other things lately...Well anyway...I'm nice, caring, sensitive, witty, sarcastic, nutty and random and guess what? I love it! I used to care what people thought about me but I'm now happy with who I am and I say what I want without thinking twice. I love to have a laugh with my friends, about random stuff mainly. I can be so clumsy and stupid sometimes but it makes people laugh so yay! :P I like to think of myself as one of those people who you can trust with anything and I'm surprisingly understanding. I love listening to music, shopping, writing stories, drawing (anime, weird stuff) reading, going places with my family/friends and I'm obsessed with the computer xD I go to Capel Manor college and study First Diploma in Animal Care, it's awesome and everyone is so nice and I've made a few new friends there! Everyday is such a laugh =] I finally feel like I fit in somewhere. I love meeting new people whether they have the same interests as me or not so talk to me :D

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Avenged Sevenfold
Breaking Benjamin
Savage Garden
The Script
And some others...

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These guys have been there for me when I've needed them and I've been there for them, they are real friends, love them all!

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Who I Want To Meet
Avenged Sevenfold! Even though I think I would die of shock! And of course some of my friends off MSN, that would be awesome.

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My Journal
I have no life

My Interests (18)
writing stories (17), randomness (15), college (12), going shopping (5), music <3 (4), taking photos (3), computer (msn, caramel frappuccino from starbucks, animals (cats and snakes are my fav) <3, my family and friends <3, drawing anime and weird stuff, myspace etc etc) chocolate, scarves, the colour black and pink together, vf, random/meaningful conversations, ice cream and more.,
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