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On September 15, 2008 criticallyhonest

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Hey. This is Raeshawn. Of course you know that if you read what is ?? there. I am a very random person. Most people don?ft know about it however because am very shy. Sometimes it takes me weeks to warm up to someone. I warm up to some people faster than I do others. I don?ft know why, I?fm just that way.
I have three sisters and they get on my nerve. They are fun to be around most of the time though. They can always put a smile on my face or a pain in my butt.
My family consider me crazy and intelligent. (Me? Intelligent?What a laugh)
Most of the time I am ☻. Life isn?ft always been the best for me but I make it through the rain and ☀shine.
Let?fs see that?fs all I can think of right now-oh I have a dog. His name is Mason. I love him very much. Well that?fs it for now I guess. ✌

Who I Want To Meet
Dwayne Johnson, Angelina Jolie, Jet Li

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I have no life

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reading (2096), writing (985), posting (2), mozart (2), starburst...etc,
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