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The mystery REVEALING...
March 26, 2020 @ 01:27:55 am

The sidewalks roll up at 8:00 pm now, there's nowhere to go to charge cells except the city bus or laundromat, it dies fast & its more important than ever to receive news updates now. Everyone's life is upside down they say. I uploaded my note pics but was unable to send the URL before my cell cut off. For some reason my pics won't even show up so either you're getting them with your cyber master skills or I've written it all for nothing & that's really bothering me because communication is so vital now. I've been trying to fix it & I'll keep going until I do.
Anyway, I noiced the news I've missed is very important concerning my last comma. It took me a while to figure out why "I'm a woman rescued by General Millet after being treated so badly." Uh, I'm still here, I thought. Then I realized it is planned that way & it'll be clear later. I'm really confused about a lot of what's happening like everyone else but I'm watching & hearing through the Q crumbs, StroppyMe, Praying Medic, X22 & others. I also watch news concerning Prince Charles & family, as you know so give me a little while to catch up. I'm waking early so we can stay connected more & so I can keep my cell on long enough to get the right #s & assist as I am here to do. All news of the world is important to us all & I'm learning the comms. I know it'll be sooooon that the numbers are right. All things are numbers *winks*

Getting the numbers right!

Julian Assange

Getting the numbers right

Pope Francis: Madonna & The Mystery

Meghan & Harry & Archie... Getting the numbers right

Prince Charles has Choronavirus news..I "SEE" you all & I'm moving in your direction..WE are getting these numbers right

I'll have more to share I've decoded soon. Hopefully by tomorrow we'll be flying. Or maybe VP Pence's black & white note meant 11 days in this case? I'm catching up now. Thank you everyone for all you do. We are getting there. Nothing can stop what's coming...sound familiar?

Love & Light

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