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On June 28, 2023 SimplyxComplicated

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Swiggity Swoot
Im keeping this in a safe spot.
March 26, 2009 @ 05:42:50 am
Since I may lose it in my PM box and saving it to the computer isnt a good idea if my gma messes this one up, so Im saving it here.

Skunky's starting a story.
About me. My sister. And of course, because its Skunky, my sister's stinky feet.

Part 1
Imagine yourself now, being tied to a chair, unable to escape. Your hands and feet taped to the chair, with a big strip of duct tape over your mouth. And then, your sister walks in and sits on the chair across from you. She smiles sweetly, acting innocent. But the instant her shoes comes off and that nauseating stench hits your nose, that sweet little smile sours instantly as she puts her shoes over your nose. Imagine being forced to breathe in that god-awful stink, like moldy cheese, really strong vinegar, rotten fish, stale popcorn with a hint of week-old garbage. But that'd only be the start.

Part 2
As you're forced to breathe in the noxious, sweaty odour of unwashed socks, you realize that you'd actually perferred smelling her nasty shoes. She giggles as you squirm, asking what was wrong. "You're not afraid of these, are you?" She laughs in a sickly sweet tone. "I know you are, and for good reason. These are my favourite socks and I've worn them for the past week..." She leans in to whisper the last part. "...without washing them!" As she's about to put those rancid, disgusting socks over your nose, she stops and thinks for a moment. You sigh with relief, thinking she'll spare you the torment, but to your horror, you realize she puts them back on her feet and themplants her socked feet right on your vulnerable nose. An entirely new, horrendous stench assaults your nose. The fetid odour maks you gag, much to her delight. "How do my socks smell? Do you like it? I got them nice and stinky for you. I wore these for PE and gymnastics today." The stench was heavy and thick, you could even feel the heat and moisture coming off her hot, sweaty socks, coating your face with their nasty aroma.

Part 3
As you struggle to try to free yourself from the chair, your sister keeps smushing your face with her rancid socked feet. Then, she slowly removed both of her socks and the full forced stench of her bare feet flattens you, your eyes water immediately and you start gagging under the tape. She laughs evily, watching as you squirm. She puts both feet on your face so you have to inhale the raw stench of her feet upclose. A lethal cocktail of sweaty gym socks, moldy cheese, really strong vinegar, stale popcorn and rotten fish aromas assault your sense of smell with each reluctant breath. She rubs her sweaty feet all over your nose and face, wiping off the excess sweat so your face would stink almost as much as her feet. To add insult to injury, she cupped her feet together and placed them over your nose, trapping it in a cocoon or rank fumes. Each whiff made you feel sicker, weaker and light-headed, but you had no choice. After 30 minutes, you can't take it anymore and pass out.

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