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"Away With The Fairies!"
On May 21, 2011 Dee

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Chesham, United Kingdom
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Age: 33
Gender: F
Location: Chesham
South East
United Kingdom
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About Me
Why hello beautiful people of TFS! Welcome to my profile! So, I've been a member of TFS about 4 years or so I think (maybe longer). Haven't been on for a long, long time though... I updated my profile a little while ago saying I'd just finished my first year at uni. Now, in 2011, I can say that I graduated 2 years ago!

Was with my lovely boyfriend when I joined TFS and still am. In fact, we moved in together over a year ago and we're getting married in August! EXCITEMENT!!

About me:
Finished uni: Check.
Engaged: Check.
Moved out of home: Check.
Driving test: Check.
Life amibtions: To be confirmed.

Chris ?? ???????? ??

I'm 23, living in Chesham (near High Wycombe) just West of London with my wonderful husband to be. I work full time as an Optical Assistant in Specsavers which is fab and love going to my Jazzercise class :D Getting married on 20th August 2011 and am spending lots of time putting everything together xx

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Who I Want To Meet
I want to meet new friends and people who can have a laugh. I love to talk as long as you've got something interesting to say. Gimme a PM and we'll have a chat, yeah?!

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