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Leon On June 21, 2020

San Diego, California
#1New Post! Apr 18, 2011 @ 22:27:12
These are two numbers that should be stricken from the Major League Baseball record books, as they are the season and career home run records both held by Barry Bonds, who now is officially convicted for lying about taking steroids to acheive them.

Yet the spineless Bud Selig refuses to do so?

What the f***?

Many, such as Pete Rose, got a lifetime ban from baseball for gambling on his own team. Roger Maris got an asterisk next to his record for playing a mere 8 more games in a season than Babe Ruth.

Yet players get no record book corrections for being CONVICTED of ruining the integrity of the game?

Selig uses the excuse that every decade had its competitive advantages. Well, duh, of course that is true, but it doesn't mean you do what you can to eliminate those who blatantly try and do so in an unfair manner. Some things you CAN control and some things you cannot. You do what you can to eliminate what you can. The steroids records you can (if you can prove he did take them). Barry did, and it was proven in court.

Do the right thing now, Bud, and give the records back to Maris and Aaron.
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