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What are points and how do I get some?

El_Tino On October 12, 2023

Albuquerque, New Mexico
#1New Post! Dec 16, 2004 @ 06:13:42
Points, the number under your username, are awarded based on your activity on the site. You earn points by visiting the site regularly and by making posts in the forums and in your journal. You don't get points every time you do these things, only some of the time.

You can also gain points if you are blessed by a moderator for being cool. You can lose points if a moderator punches you for spamming or trolling.

What do points do?

Aside from making you cool, they make you show up higher when people do user searches. The user levels are also based on the number of points you have.

We're also working on ways you can redeem your points to do cool things. Currently gettings points allows you to include a signature at the bottom of your forum posts, and a link to your website from your profile page. You also can't include any links in your posts until you get a certain number of points.

You can get points in the following ways:
1. Posting in the forums.
2. Inviting your friends to join the site
3. Rating pictures
4. Using the site
5. Posting product reviews
6. Posting comments on pictures
7. Being blessed
8. Writing in your journal
9. Commenting on journal entries
10. Other, miscellaneous
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