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Elgin, South Carolina
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Closure to the disharmony & new horizons
October 02, 2019 @ 03:41:46 am

Closure to the disharmony & HELLO new horizons

Keeping promises feels so good. Tonight brought closure to a personal area in our lives and brings with it a stronger bond & closeness with so much room for growth & new experiences. A mother & child's bond is stronger than some can imagine. I'm always learning so much through experiences in life we all share together. All of us have dreams. This is how we are connected to all things seen & unseen. All mother's & father's who love their children wants to ensure they have a blissful, peaceful, abundant & fulfilling life. This means the opportunities & resources must be available to them, along with the freedom to pursue their dreams. Unity is key in ensuring this is the future for all dreamers worldwide. With every breath we breathe, we hope. Rosa Parks sat down to bring change. Now we must stand up to be the change we all seek, worldwide. This is what I'm living this life for. So many loved ones have not been able to see, but it's obviously time they begin to see. There's power in the light that guides us. Time to share it! I'll be keeping that promise made long ago, just as I have tonight. Tonight is my last night here. Tomorrow we are on our way. Thank you for being there. All will be clear in the morning. Keep the faith. Promises kept! See you in the morning. Love & Light...

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