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On May 14, 2007 zealbino

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Somewhere, New Jersey
Joined: Jul 2006

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Age: 32
Gender: F
Location: Somewhere
New Jersey
United States
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About Me
I have come to this site for the sole reason of infiltrating its defenses and acquiring its brainwashing technology for myself!!

Then I shall turn it against the inferior teenage masses full of whiny emo kids, wrist-slitting goths, omg-liek whores, and ghetto white boys!!

And then I shall utilize my new zombie slaves to finally accomplish WORLD DOMINATION!! MWAHAHAHAHAA!!!!!!

I also like to take long walks and wear stupid hats. kthanxbye.

PS. And yes, I abandoned stubborness and decided to kidnap, gangrape, and perform chinese water torture on Thomas? Myspace Editor V3.6!

Who I Want To Meet
1. All of my fellow Deviants, as well as my ex-Deviants(Yes, I shall forgive your treachery). Representin' the artsy queers of doom, yo.

2. Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting For her, not so much "meet" as "kidnap". ^_^

3. People. In my boring lifestyle, new interesting people are what makes things far less dull. People that make me laugh. Think. Go "WTF?!". And ect. Hey, even a*****es play a key part in the cycle. Whose house do you expect us to egg??

PS. Only add me if actually want to communicate with me. Here, I'm very open in adding people, because everyone is a stranger to me, so I can never tell whether I'll get along with someone or not. If you add me and then ignore me, its the delete button for you, my good sir ^_^

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My Interests (6)
music (3954), art (620), literature (99), culture (33), and world domination,
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