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"be happy then share the happiness =]"
On January 19, 2009 yummyher

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London, United Kingdom
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Age: 29
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South East
United Kingdom
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I'm Ayan.....
I'm 15 and female [i think]
I like random things and random people
I love new words and making people laugh
I'm not in to extreme things, sports, music people etc.
I don't like it when people go spazy like all obsessed.
I <3 drinking PEPSI from my new KITKAT mug
It's sexy
I am THE sex.
People have said so!
I like being me but i'm not proud of my sexuality.
My self yes, that hell no.
I wish it would leave and go get run over.
Yeah i like having fun dancing in parks
Getting high on nicotine
No wait that's bad for you and it's wrong.
Don't smoke kids it kills you.
Look at me i've been doing it on and off for years and i'm dead don't i regret it?
I don't drink, which is not by choice.
I don't do drugs, anymore.
I think :/
Unless mass amounts of chocolate are drugs?
Anyway imma go clean my room brrr.

Who I Want To Meet
Everybody, that's interesting!

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