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"One in a million people are one in a million xxx"
On March 27, 2009 xxkirmxx

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essex, United Kingdom
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Age: 30
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Location: essex
South East
United Kingdom
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Helloooo! eeerm my name's kirsty.... I think i'm really normal,and friendly especially to strangers lol. i love meeting new people and finding about their lives and stuff. i llke hearing what people think about things and seeing how different people are. I live in England but am from South Africa and have lived here since i was 10. i live with my mum, step-dad and brother...and my cat Smokey I haven't really got anything more to say, so don't be afraid to P.M if for some reason you want a random stranger to talk to, or if your just looking for some friends!

Who I Want To Meet
I would love to meet Robbie Williams, will young, anyone whose nice and wants to talk to me....uuum... that's about it!

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I have no life

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music (3954), dancing (751), shopping (638), friends (555), uum (14), finding nemo (2), uuum....,
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