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On September 03, 2006 xxalleycatxx

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Gainesville, Georgia
Joined: Oct 2005

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Age: 33
Gender: F
Location: Gainesville
United States
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About Me
Well i'm 4'10. Yes, i'm short. I live in Gerogia. I love it here. its gorgeous. I enjoy getting drunk on the weekends and letting loose wiht all my friends. I also like to go to clubs. I work at Ruby Tuesday. I love it there. I am currently not in college but will be starting back up in January. I am changing my major from nursting to secondary education.

Who I Want To Meet
Michael Ealy, and my husband.

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New posts I think...


My Interests (16)
writing (984), dancing (751), singing (486), talking (148), partying (138), watching movies (108), driving (73), taking pictures (25), kissing (24), going to the movies (24), going out to eat (5), going bowling (2), listneing to music., dtinking, going on dates,
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