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"Pheebs land!"
On August 11, 2007 xwakeupcallx

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birmingham, United Kingdom
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Age: 30
Gender: F
Location: birmingham

United Kingdom
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About Me
m Phoebe,I'm Loud,I'm alive!!,I'm quiet at times,I say what i think,I can whine at times,I get called emo,I'm a poet,Music is the best,I'm obssesed with nuns and germnay,I get confused and lost easily,I can be full of it at times,I'm not thin or perfect just me,My hair rocks,I love my best friend lois hurt die.,My school sucks, I have the best boyfriend ever.Lewis.,Love me for me, if you hate me..then yeah,I can be a bit bigheaded,Poeple say im kind and cool and...funny and mental,I am not good around new poeple!!,I am scared of zombies and clowns,I like food,I wear many bracelts!!,I hate wannabes althought i can be one at times,I like to feel i fit in,Even thought i don't have the time,I'm not like other girls (apaerently),I love my family!,
I love H.I.M & M.C.R,
Cereal rocks,I dunno what else to write about me.!!!.

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New posts Give it a name concert TONIGHT!!!
New posts My dad made me an emo bear O_O (pics)
New posts So the smex with meh new stuff 8-)
New posts WHich one is which!?!?!!?!?!?!!!?!?!!?!?!?!!?!?!? O__________0
New posts EEEEEEEEP..............sandwiches :P (the word smex i started it sorry ppl lol)


My Interests (9)
music (3954), reading (2096), poetry (270), sleep (266), computer (112), ps2 (30), meeting new people (2),
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