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On November 23, 2005 violettak

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Moore, Oklahoma
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Some drunk guy named James.. / I wanna be a DJ
November 15, 2005 @ 03:04:53 am
The scene here is sort of pathetic.

I went to see my friend DJ at Rox in Oklahoma City on Saturday night. Hardly anybody there, but I enjoy drinking Long Islands, even though they were way too expensive ($7) and had me craving fresh air like a bastard. I was glad I could be there to support her, though! She did awesome.. I'm so proud! And made me kind of envious.. I wish I knew how to do that stuff. It's harder than one might think.

After there, we took our booze with us to The Showroom, which is basically a BYOB underground all ages club in Oklahoma City. I think it's mostly an after-party place. The atmosphere and people were beyond cool. I think I'll be going there more often, if work permits..heh.

We met this drunk guy named James that introduced himself to us more than once. He was pretty funny, but totally out of his element. He kept telling us how lovely we were. I think he was desperately drunk, though.

If you like whiskey and beer, he'll be supplying it this Friday night around 9PM. Because, he only gets paid once a week at 5PM (or something like that).

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