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"If there were like some sort of retaded Oscar you would win! Hands down, kick their ass!!"
On October 12, 2005 vikinghottie

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Jacksonville, Florida
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Age: 31
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United States
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About Me
HIII! I am Erika!! I am a viking who resides in Florida. J'ai quinze ans. I am a pretty weird person, but that's okay I like being weird, its what makes!! I am about 5'3'', more or less, have really long brown hair that I dyed mermaid red, and big greenish brown eyes..they change colours. Well Yes!! As you can tell I really like Star Wars and eating and sushi and being the individual that I am!! I hope to talk to you on the site!! PM me if you want to talk!! Love Ya'll.

I am a DORK!! worship me!

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Who I Want To Meet
George Lucas. He is my hero. and Julie Cooper.

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movies (1103), dancing (751), shopping (638), singing (486), eating (196), drinking (171), partying (138), laughing (96), pink floyd (71), my chemical romance (70), theatre (49), my friends (45), star wars (41), harry potter (40), fall out boy (35), family guy (34), taking pictures (25), flowers (23), sushi (21), punk rock (21), bowling for soup (19), starbucks (18), all american rejects (14), weezer (11), coldplay (11), lord of the rings (8), the oc (8), your mom (8), death cab for cutie (6), phantom of the opera (4), sailor moon (3), my kitty (3), reading a good book (3), the shins (3), thrift stores (3), dancing in the rain (3), singing in the rain (2), postal service (2), vikings (2), phantom planet (2), garden state (2), harrison ford (2), leonardo dicaprio, yoda, eternal sunshine for the spotless mind, the dandy warhols, shakespear in love, queen berryl, dressing cooler than everyone else, ice cream brownies, micsha barton, julie cooper, igby goes down, shane west, dorks, the list goes on., nicholas cage, taking baths, the ziggens, rooney, zoicite, being weird, norway, romeo and julliet, being a dork, adam brody thunderstorms, obi wan, all the evil people in movies,
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