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""tis better to have loved and lost, than to never have loved at all""
On July 11, 2009 treacle

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B/Stoke, United Kingdom
Joined: Mar 2006

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Age: 36
Gender: F
Location: B/Stoke
South East
United Kingdom
Posts: 25023
PLS: ? 37.75
Joined:: Mar 15, 2006
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About Me
Hello. I am independant, silly, oppinionated, quite arguementatve, very stubborn, loyal, honest and laid back. If you still think youd get on with, and your male, PM me perhaps we could work something out! hahahaha.

Who I Want To Meet
Anyone who still wants to talk to me after reading the "about me" section

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My Interests (10)
reading (2098), drinking (171), partying (138), watching films (15), going to the gym (8), boxin (3), working etc etc etc. (2), spending time with my boyfriend (2), ohhhh and i love shameless!,
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