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On March 31, 2012 tigerwoman

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April 10, 2008 @ 01:58:56 pm

This semester has been rough. I'm feeling really discourage by the whole situation. My A&P lecture is a constant struggle...lots of material at once...many of my classmates are struggling as well. Then there is my A&P lab...the teacher refuses to give me the accomidations neccessary for me to function. So the outlook for my A&P class is bleak. Statisics is very difficult but I'm hoping that aI will manage to pass. I think(though I'm not certain) will do ok in music and Social Work. Over all between my health and other factors I've struggling to barely make it this semester. My hope is that my grades are high enough to stay on VR(or else I'll have to find another way of paying for next semester) and do better next year.

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