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On September 10, 2009 thelocaone

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Pensacola, Florida
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Age: 41
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United States
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About Me
My name is Margarita and I'd love to put something clever here to make myself seem cool and interesting but the truth is... I'm just a silly mexican female who loves to laugh and make others laugh. I have a 7yr old son that drives me crazy but I love him anyway. I look at people's bones for a living. I lost a nipple in Nam along with my virginity. Still haven't found either, luckily I had an extra nip to begin with. I use to have a pillow humping addiction. I like sarcasm and random/strange humor. I know a woman with one leg named Eileen who works at the IHOP. That's all I am going to put here for now. If any one has read this far into my about me section, I am impressed.

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music (3954), friends (555), family (288), myspace (85), crappy reality tv shows, karate chopping pervs below the belt,
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