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"The Killers groupie...."
On September 25, 2007 thekillersfanatic

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Leeds, United Kingdom
Joined: Apr 2006

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Age: 34
Gender: F
Location: Leeds
Yorkshire and The Humber
United Kingdom
Posts: 58
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Joined:: Apr 24, 2006
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About Me

I made my TFS layout using

Why Hello there, and Thank you for stopping by my sw**ky little profile.
My names Michaela, but all you sweet little people can call me Mixi for short.

I'm known as crazy, distinctive for I wear crazy clothes.
I say wierd words, and sing wierd songs.
I'm a brunette with curly hair- and it's BIG!
People say it's so big you can hide things in there, that's where I keep all my secrets.
I love music, it's a big part of my life, I'm a mad fan of the Killers, I like Embrace, Baure, Arctic Monkeys, The Kooks my list is a never ending storyyyy.

I like pretty things, I think I'm beautiful that's why I must go shopping and buy lots of pretty clothes and accesories to make me look even better.
I don't like chavs, so no chavs please.
I hate raves, and Hip Hop, Dance and RnB music.

I am a Princess, and Indie Princess.

If you believe you are a Princess, but don't know then go throguh my list below and see if these apply to you.
If they do, then you are a Princess too, just take the indie part out.

And if not, then PM me and I'll see if your Princess worthy.

. Try to be helpful

2. Be kind to people and animals

3. Be generous

4. Always be polite

5. Wear lots of glittery things, and things baby pink and blue!

6. Try a tiara, then buy it and wear it!

7. Smile all the time!!

Things that all Princess can do

1. Dance dreamily

2. Sing soothingly

3. Walk elegantly

4. Dress beautifully

5. Laugh prettily

6. Draw delightfully

7. Make someone smile

Princess's favourite things

1. Flowers

2. Pretty dresses

3. Sparkly things

4. Puppies & Kittens

5. Fairy cakes

6. Sunny days

7. Ribbons & bows


Tell me about yourself*
Name:: Mixi the Raiderette
Cake day:: 5th of March
Birth place:: Leeds
Right or left handed:: Left
The shoes you wore today: I'm bare footy
Your weakness:: ummm boys and rugby league.
Your fears: Lesbians and Spiders.
Your perfect pizza:: Spicey chicken.
Most overused phrase on instant messenger:That's hot!
Thoughts first waking up: Oh Canberra!
Your best physical feature: My smile and eyes.
Pepsi or coke:: Pepsi all the way!
Mcdonalds or Burgerking: Uh Burger King
Single or group dates: group, just dating!
Lipton ice tea or nestea: Uh neither!
Chocolate or vanilla:Chocolate
Cappuccino or coffee: nah minging
Do you smoke: Nah!
Do you swear: Ummm yes.
Do you sing: All the time.
Do you shower daily: Yup
Have you been in love: Yes
Do you want to get married: Some day
Do you think you are attractive: Yup!
Do you think someone thinks about you daily: All the time.
Do you like thunderstorms: Sexy
Do you get along with your parents: Yup
In the past month have you been to a mall:Yeh
In the past month have you drank alcohol:: Yep
In the past month have you been dumped:: No
In the past month have you gone skinny dipping: Nah
Ever been drunk: Once or twice
How do you want to die: Dieing
Number of cds i own: Too many
Have any addictions: Chocolate and sweets
Last person you talked to online: Anton
Whos friends house were you at last: I'm so forgetful

Are You
some sick phsyco-path killer?: Probably
a virgin?: Ummm uh yes!!
in school: Kinda
a no-body: Yep- that?s me!
Would you _____ for $?
kill: Nah- blood huh
have sex: yes
slap a blind dude: Nah
trip a blind dude: Nah
get a sex change: Nah penis I think are ugly
wear a speed-o: Lol no
go streaking: yes
kiss the same gender: no
walk around all day with your fly wide open: yes
french your dog: Nah!
is your god?: God?
do you admire: Every day myself in the mirror
do you think is extremely hot: That boy
thinks you're extremely hot: Lots of boys
do you see yourself w/ in 5 years: Alcholic man
would you date as a dare: Ugly boy
do you wanna hurt real bad: This one Hayley girl
is your sworn enemy: Neighbours on the end
yes and no's (or hell no's)
are you gay: Hope not
ne piercings: Ears- x2
u do drugs: Nah fanks
smoke cigars/cigarettes: Nah
drink booze: Nah
got a bf/gf: Yah
Take Jesus as ur savior: Nah
go to church: Occasionally!
the following will not show on ur profile but u can keep it for personal reasons.
who's ur crush?: Az
who do u love?: Si
do u pick ur nose?: yummy
what's ur most gross habit?: nah
ever thought about being gay?: nah
ever found someone of the same gender attractive?: Uh no
what would you never tell anyone about yourself?: Anything?!
ok enough of that...when........
do you wish you could have killed yourself: One time!
did you have your first crush?: Class 3
is your b-day: March
was the last time u cried: Um this week
did you recieve your last compliment? wat was it?: Wow she is hot!
was the last time you had a bf/gf?: now
the last, most outrageous question EVER!

Who I Want To Meet
Ummmm, I'm not sure if you mean on this damb thing or in real life so I'll bore you and tell you both.

Kirsty (emo_tree) I ubbbbber wuv her!
She has this strange obsession with trees, and likes to lick them.
She's a crazy f-ing emo!

The Killers- oh boy I ubbbber wubber love them.

The Canberra Raiders team- bring on June- I ubber wubber dubber shubber snubber wuv them!

I want to meet really cool people, and if I accept you, or add you, that means you- because your oooble cool!

Oh and I like people who dress wierd, and I like emo guys who have black hair and eyeliner I'm a sucker for them *drools*

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