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Slow Sunburn and other observations at the swimming pool
October 10, 2007 @ 01:16:43 pm
As I type this, my shoulders are red and feel as if they're on fire.

It only started to feel hot today.

Well, I'm still on medical leave and only need to go back to work on Friday. The doctor and physiotherapist suggested that I go swimming to alleviate the pressure on the nerve being compressed by my ruined back.

So off I went on Monday, the first day I felt good enough to do so.

Thing is, the swimming does help a lot. But daytime swimming means sunlight and me being slowly barbequed.

I like the pool to myself so I went to the swimming pool at the Civil Service Club. On Monday, it was good. No one was at the pool and I could just float around and do nothing for an hour and a half. Until someone turned up and started to swim earnestly. I had to stop floating around lest I become an obstacle to him. After a while, I went off.

Yesterday, I went again and I had the pool to myself most of the time until this guy came and proceeded to slather a pile of suntanning oil on himself and bake himself. Okay, I thought... I still have the pool to myself. After half an hour, the idiot decided to jump in the pool.

I wanted to tell him that it is bad form to not shower off that oil first before jumping into the pool probably creating an oilslick around him.

Oh well, I went off and decided to sit in the little pool with water jets to massage my lower back.

Today, the pool was had about 5 people swimming in earnest. So I just swam a bit and mostly just hung around. Then two weirdos appeared and slathered a pile of suntanning oil on themselves and started to bake themselves. I thought: oh no! not again!

True to form, after an hour of baking themselves, they jumped in.

We DO NOT need oilslicks in the pool!

Why I called them weirdos was this: How can you stay pasty white even after baking yourself under the sun for an hour! They did!! What kind of suntanning oil is that? If it's a sunblock which blocks out everything, what is the point of sitting on a deckchair for an hour baking yourself?

Oh well.

My back is feeling better. I don't know if it's the floating around in the pool that is making it feel better or I'm just healing. Either way, I'm going again tomorrow.

I don't really like swimming but I'll do it to get well.

There... my rantings of the day.

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