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My Week in Hospital
October 01, 2007 @ 06:35:12 am
Well, I've gone and done my back in again.

That's TWO years in a row I've spent my birthday in pain and it's because of my damned back!

My back started to hurt like blazes on my birthday, 23 Sep. And it was the kind of "damn! it's aching so much, I must have fatigued it more than it could handle" type of hurt.

However, on 24th which was a Monday, I woke up and could not get out of bed. Somehow, after crawling and moaning and breaking out in cold sweat, I willed myself to shut up and somehow got myself to the hospital.

A different hospital from the last time.

This hospital was nice. The Accident and Emergency part was not crowded and filled with people suffering from little things like a sliver in their finger or the sniffles. I was wheeled in and immediately wheeled to a bed to lie down. The A&E doctor came in and asked me a few questions, looked at my medical records, pulled at my legs, prodded my back and then shot me full of painkillers. I kinda drifted into sleep from the effects of the shot

After a while (it was over an hour) the doctor came and asked me how I was. I said the pain had subsided a little. The doctor said I could go home and rest if I could. I tried to stand up and almost fell over from the pain. The doctor said he was going to hospitalise me there and then. I didn't argue with him.

While they were preparing the paperwork, an old lady was wheeled in and put in the bed beside mine. I was listening in on her complaints. She said that she fainted and that's why she was in A&E. The doctor asked her why she fainted. She said that she felt faint after eating some oatmeal in the morning. Thing was, she warbled on and it was the previous morning that she ate the oatmeal! She then ranted on that the oatmeal tasted weird and she was convinced that her husband wanted to murder her with poison and therefore she refuse to eat. The doctor shook his head and listened to her. I think she was then referred to the psychiatric side.

After a while, they wheeled me into the wards. The next few days were uneventful as I was put there to rest and there were some physiotherapy sessions where I was put on traction then electrocuted for a bit to help with the pain. The "torture rack" did.

What was most surprising was that the food in the hospital was good!

Here are a few examples:

Irish Stew

Peach Chicken with Roast Vegetables

Steak with Potatoes

I've just been discharged about 2 hours ago and made it home safe and sound. And decided to tell everyone where I was for the past week.

I'm now on medical leave for the next 2 weeks and will be lying down most of the time, recuperating and healing. And I do hope I never have to go to the hospital for this ailment again, even when the nurses are a credit to their profession and made the stay as pleasant as things can be.

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New Post! October 01, 2007 @ 06:43:55 am

Hope you start feeling better soon.


Government Hooker

New Post! October 01, 2007 @ 07:26:44 am
you poor thing you must take care of that back.

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