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mulga, Alabama
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My nightmare
July 05, 2006 @ 05:29:36 pm
I keep having this reaccuring nightmare.It starts off with me at my friends house.We're sitting there playing video games,when the power goes out.My friend screams because she's afraid of the dark,and its like midnight.She gets a flashlight and runs around the house looking for her parents.They're nowhere in sight.We both hear some one laughing in the dark side of the room.We both run out the front door and stand on the porch.But it was quiet outside,too quiet.Then I realize that KV's (my friend) dogs aren't barking,and they're always barking.I turn around to tell KV,but she's gone!I try to scream her name,but I can't.Suddenly this guy comes out of the darkness,his eyes are glowing red,and he has freakin fangs,then he walks towards me then.....I wake up.Pretty weird isn't it? You guys probably think I'm crazy don't you?

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New Post! July 05, 2006 @ 05:35:07 pm
did you watch any scary movies lately?


New Post! July 05, 2006 @ 05:38:38 pm
(whistles) wassnt me


New Post! July 05, 2006 @ 06:07:54 pm
No everyone has bad dreams! That one sounds really creepy! Kinda reminds me of the one i had. I was in this maze and this killer guy finds me (his eyes are also glowing red) and i run around the corner and it's just me and him in this maze and i'm trying to find the exit so i can leave and hopefully never see him again but i can't find the exit! lol


New Post! July 05, 2006 @ 07:08:14 pm
@jovialjo Said
did you watch any scary movies lately?

I didn't watch a scary movie,well,there was this one movie I watched,but it wasn't scary at all

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