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mulga, Alabama
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Public entry The Crow
July 27, 2006 @ 02:04:07 am
Yesterday I watched a movie I hadn't seen in a while.You know,the one that sits in the back of your closet,or where ever you keep your movies.It was the Crow.The Brandon Lee movie.I used to used to watch the movie alot as a kid,but never really got it. I mean,I knew it was about a rockstar coming back to life to kill the people who killed him but.I never really got it.But when I watched it yesterday,I understood the movie.Now I think its awesome!
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Public entry My nightmare
July 05, 2006 @ 05:29:36 pm
I keep having this reaccuring nightmare.It starts off with me at my friends house.We're sitting there playing video games,when the power goes out.My friend screams because she's afraid of the dark,and its like midnight.She gets a flashlight and runs around the house looking for her parents.They're nowhere in sight.We both hear some one laughing in the dark side of the room.We both run out the front door and stand on the porch.But it was quiet outside,too quiet.Then I realize that KV's (my friend) dogs aren't barking,and they're always barking.I turn around to tell KV,but she's gone!I try to scream her name,but I can't.Suddenly this guy comes out of the darkness,his eyes are glowing red,and he has freakin fangs,then he walks towards me then.....I wake up.Pretty weird isn't it? You guys probably think I'm crazy don't you?
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Public entry WTF is up with Kingdom Hearts 2?
June 27, 2006 @ 12:43:56 am
I've been playing Kingdom Hearts 2 for about a week now,and theres this strange obsession with icecream.It shows alot of characters eating and talking about ice cream,you even open a treasure chest that has ice cream in it.WTF?Have you noticed any thing weird with the games you play?
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Public entry Video Games
June 23, 2006 @ 06:59:29 pm
I love video games.I grew up playing Super Mario Bros. and Zelda.Now I own my own (very small) collection of video games.I have Dark Cloud 1&2,Kingdom Hearts 1&2,Final Fantasy X,Final Fantasy X-2,Castlevania,Lament of Innocence,Castlevania Curse of Darkness,and I've beaten them all except KH2.Do you think I'm wierd because I play these games?My friends do.
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Public entry Help option #1,do you think it will work?
June 20, 2006 @ 03:02:32 am
Okay,as you all know I have a bit of an emotional problem,my first step is to do what my next door neibhor suggested,get a boyfriend.My problem is I can't find anyone.Face it,I'm a weirdo.But,if you would be so kindly to help me find someone,here are some things about me.I have shoulder length dark brown hair,I'm tall,blue eyes,I'm average when it comes to weight.I love vampires,anime,anything funny,and animals.Please help.
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Public entry I think I need help
June 18, 2006 @ 11:57:38 pm
I have nightmares about all my friends,some of them come true.It seems the whole world is against me.My best friend has turned her back.My world is crumbling around me.I need help.Professional help.The people around me says I need a boy-friend,but I don't like meeting new people,I can't find anyone who I can really talk to.I definatly need help.
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