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On August 05, 2012 stew

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Falkirk, United Kingdom
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stew's journal
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Public entry Yey its finally over!
August 22, 2009 @ 03:23:02 am
Yup thats right im officially an american citizen after a long LONG LOOOOONNNGGGGGGGG wait i got my citizenship card and its i also recently found a job in a hospital and anyone who knows me knows thats just a plain bad place to put me! bwahahaha and also i got an apartment which is sweet! i thought id write to let all my buddies know everythings going fine and my new wife isnt holding me captive and forcing me to write non realistic journals so no one finds my real whereabouts and blows the whistle on my horrible horrible captors i mean my lovely wife im so hungry

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Public entry Boop boop de boo boo dopp whah!
June 23, 2009 @ 03:02:00 am
And thats a musical intro to my journal!

Well again ive left it too long to update this thing so here goes!

My visa interview went well i got accepted to the us on a k-1 visa which is basically a promise to marry my wife once i enter, which i did and the wedding was awesome (Ill get some pics ) we got married up at the spot were we went on our first date and where i proposed so it was fitting and shes made me the happiest guy in the world! So seven months passed and i was waiting (Sidenote: If u ever EVER apply for a visa u need to be patient! and if your not its really good practice hehe) And finally i got my work permit in the middle of an economy crisis....bugger so another 2 months of relentless job hunting and i finally find one, well kinda, see i passed everything urine test, competence test, physical. But turns out the chick in charge of my background check doesnt understand Scottish very well, which is understandable but instead of working with me on it she flat out calls me a liar because when she calls my previous employers she doesnt understand what there saying so automatically rejects it, so now i need to get written refrences from all my employers which is hard cause im 3000 feckin miles away haha but im gettin there i got 3 awesome sisters on the case yey family! Also on june 25th i go for my BIG greencard interview which is scary because this one decides whether i get accepted for permament residency or not so wish me luck biatches! Phew im done!
Current Music: The will to death-JF
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Public entry yey!!!!
October 27, 2007 @ 11:02:32 pm
Nat just bought her ticket she comes next Monday! im so happy!
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Public entry Happy, Sad and sometimes Mad!
October 27, 2007 @ 01:29:32 am
Well i really dont like updatin this thing but i know u guys just cant stop readin it haha so yea right now nuthin greats happenin im still trying to get Nats here we hope she comes this wednesday and at the latest sunday so whooo! i really hope she gets here on Wednesday we've been apart for 1month 1week and 6days and thats just plain unfaur we thought we'd be back together in about 2 weeks lol so yea ive been a lil down about that its hard to be apart from the person you love for so long it may not seem like a long time to some of ya but its a lifetime here lol soo other things well ive written 2 first drafts of stories that are taking the form of books and im very happy with that ive written alot of music and im ownin at counter strike: source and hidden so if anyone has those games hey add me as a friend im on like most of the night lol im gonna wrap this up but there is so much more id like to say i just dont want anyone getting offended at the lack of good grammar or somethin anywhoo bye for now guys! thanx for readin!

Oh and Happy Halloween if i dont write before then!
Current Music: Look on-John Frusciante
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Public entry Sooo sleepy...
October 09, 2007 @ 05:01:12 pm
i havent been to bed all night and its like 6pm now i decided at like 7am id just stay up but i dont wanna now haha
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Public entry New joynul!
October 04, 2007 @ 02:33:00 am
Ok just a quick update on my life! Ive been gone for a long long time the reason being ive found the love of my life but she lives 3000 miles away im America so for the past year and a half ive been goin back and forward and just lately we decided to start working on somethin more stable so i proposed and now im tryin to get citizinship over there, ive got all my papers done and im just waiting on a reply! i really missed this site and all the great people so i thought id come in and say hi and let ya all know what im upto i hope i can get on more frequently this is a great place to be and i hope ull all have me back

oh oh
Now that ive lost everythin to you
You say u wanna start somethin new
And its breakin my heart your leavin
Baby im greavin
But if you leave take good care
Hope you have a lotta nice things to wear
But then alotta nice things turn bad out there

Ohhh baby, baby its a wild world
And its hard to get by just upon a smile
Ohhh baby, baby its a wild world
And ill always remember you like a child girl

I had this song in my head all day and just had to let ya all know!
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Public entry siiiiccckkkk
November 14, 2006 @ 09:03:40 am
i was ill yesterday and i went to work but today i was like no! no! ok?! no! and called in sick my boss wasnt happy but he knows i hate takin time off so he knew it was cereal but yea im gonna go die! goodbye nice people!
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Public entry My nephew loves me!
October 31, 2006 @ 07:49:36 pm
haha i just came in from work and he was sad cause he couldnt get home to go trick or tratin so i took him out and he called me the best uncle ever1 soooo worth it! plus i got some of his sweets!
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Public entry Bittersweet day
October 06, 2006 @ 04:34:37 pm
This isnt lyrics! click the more button to read bout my bittersweet day!

And now a minute is trapped
It fell into a crack
Eleven tries leading the way
and then foresight comes
I've lost my sence of it all
The feelings I can't resolve
Circumstances outside convention
And you knwo I tried
To be part of life
I found the rest of me
I was beaten on down
Emptniess set me free
I lived on a cloud
The walk through the storm
Was like a holiday
I happened to have been warned
Over and over again
The sense of speaking dissolved
Words meanings I couldn't recall
And all I'd found did my losing
I was tough to find
Playing games with my mind
Up the drops that I climbed
In the abyss I was hurled into
By who I brought back into time
I found the rest of me
I was beaten on down
Emptiness set me free
I lived on a cloud
The walk through the storm
Was like a holiday
I happened to have been warned
Over and over again
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Public entry Tired
October 02, 2006 @ 04:58:08 pm
I had to get up for work at 6am im fuucked! well its all over now and its money for the goin to see Nats fund anyone wanna donate?! its goin to a good cause lol
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