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On December 12, 2007 steraw04

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Toronto, Canada
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Age: 35
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About Me
hello...welcome to my "updated" profile!
why your here is anyone's guess! hmmm...would u like to know a little about me? a student at manchester university studying physics, but currently on exchange for the year at the university of toronto, canada. I'm looking at doing a Ph.D but thats a long time off. hearts in the right place just sometimes I go about it in a weird way.

I'd say im friendly and hard working...but i could be lying!!!
oh yeah...
i also used to do a lot of voluntary work with drama groups, the cheshire fire cadets (widnes fire cadets are the best in the country...HONEST TO GOD!) and other random "groups"! unfortunately, not got round to finding any new hobbies yet.
I would also call myself an avid mountaineer... even know ive not actually climbed that many "high" mountains!
I believe there's nothing better than being busy and having things to do!
hmmmm... I cant think of anything else at mo so just PM me if you want know more...
thank you for precious time!

p.s... i love smilies!!!

hope to speak to you all soon!

I made my TFS layout using

Who I Want To Meet
hmmm...anyone who can entertain me!!! which is pretty much anyone!
a big hi goes to applesauce, emskie, missy, etc... if i mentioned all you inspirational people I'd be here all day!

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New posts erm... update for all those interested.


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swimming (604), hiking (298), talking (148), cycling (135), science (108), drama (45), physics (19), climbing (18), mountaineering (4), voluntary work (3), diabolo,
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