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"I'm going to see Cali!"
On June 24, 2007 stenise

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Little Rock, Arkansas
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Age: 38
Gender: F
Location: Little Rock
United States
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About Me
I'm 24 now! And I'm still in love...and we've put humpty back together again...

I edited my profile with Thomas? Myspace Editor V3.6!

Who I Want To Meet
Ai (the poet)

Ryan Gosling
Majority of you TFS folks!
Brittany Spear's son in 20 yrs (if he makes it)
My father's other children

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New posts Your Royal Bitchness
New posts No Subject
New posts's about my marine again
New posts Jane says, have you seen my wig around?
New posts Let's all burn down Usa, fucking american, teenage wasteland bald bird eagle stor


My Interests (8)
music (3954), writing (984), photography (490), being alive (4), sometimes reading, poe, painting...anything new,
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