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"Voted best moobs of 2004"
On December 10, 2009 spongebobsmycumrag

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Lichfield, United Kingdom
Joined: Jul 2007

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Age: 37
Gender: M
Location: Lichfield
West Midlands
United Kingdom
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About Me
i have long hair, i was born in good hope hospital in sutton coldfield.. same place as most of my family, i don't know who my father is... i have a fascination with see through soap but don't use it as much as i should, i'm a spiritual kind of person.. although i dislike most religions, i like taking my time when i cook, i'm softly spoken, i ran away from home with my girlfriend Rachel when i was 17... i never went back and our familynever came looking, i listen to classical music sometimes, spongebob isn't really my cumrag, i sit myself down on a bench somewhere when i'm feeling lonely and watch people walk past.. or look out to sea if i'm in Aberystwyth, i play computer games too much, my terrapin smells, i like to talk to foriegn people in hope of learning something new, my noodle is my penis, i like taking my time over everything, i've never smoked a cigerette, i don't like the thought of being with someone younger than me... but to my annoyance i always seem to attract the attention of young girls though its not like i'm batting them off me with my man titties, i'd rather have their aunt... i like older women, i order singapore curry with egg fried rice and extra mushrooms when i have a chinese, i don't talk much but when i do i mean everything i say, i admit when i'm wrong, i wear baggy t-shirts and find it hard to find jeans that fit my big ass, i've moved around the uk alot yet always find myself back in my hometown of lichfield, i find it hard to make new friends, i'm too trusting, i hate violence, i don't like Rachels cooking, i've had the same haircut since i was 15, i don't do drugs, i don't like sandwhich's without crisps (chips) to eat them with, i tend to get emotional when i least expect it, if you ask me a question and tell me to tell you the truth.. i will, but i won't be blunt or hurtful, i have a big scar on my leg but i don't know how it got there, my cat has a big scar on his neck from a wound that almost killed him, my favourite computer game is Final Fantasy 7, sometimes i have nightmares and wake up in a fit that lasts around 30 seconds, i worry about my brothers and sister, i miss getting woke up by the seagulls and bells on Aberystywth harbour, i used to love going to pier video, i'm a happy go lucky sort of person, i don't shave my face until it gets really bad, i feel content when it rains against my bedroom windows, if your a girl and you went to school with me, its more than likely i had a crush on you, i almost collapsed last easter from chest pains, i've moved house 22 times, i think i'm better with my hands than my noodle, though i'm told differently, i pay too much for my internet connection, i get frustated when Rachel gets in my way when i cook, if i add you on here i'll talk to you, and i always comment back, i haven't got a birthday present from my mom since i was 16, i can't do the splits, when i go to birmingham i like to go by train, sometimes i look around for people who look like thry could be my dad and wonder if we're related, i miss Aberystwyth, i like to wear football socks rather than regular socks, i used to play in the welsh division three for the dewi stars, i have trouble sleeping most nights, i have a hard shell but when something or someone finds a way in it stays there, my bedroom walls are painted a dark red, i like listening to cover songs, i think English Watsits are better than American cheesy puffs, i drink tea not coffee, i spend too much time on the internet, i like going to the cinema, i got a strike on the very first time i tried bowling, i like the pirate ride in drayton manor, i know all the words to "big girls don't cry" by franky valley and the four seasons, i hardly know any to my own national anthem, i can see in the dark better than most people because my eyes are sensitive to light, i feel more comfortable on my own but like to be with my girlfriend or close friends, my favourite colour is a dark earth green, my eyes are grey with a strong undertone of blue with bright yellow streaks, i like learning new languages, i prefer family guy to the simpsons, i'm stubborn, i like to tell people whats in milk while their drinking it, i'm a Taurus, i like walking through the rain, when i was 8 i stuck a bamboo stick up my a** and started wiggling my hips whacking it off the bathroom wall shouting in glee look mom... look what i can do!!

Who I Want To Meet
People who have a sense of humour and maybe some brains to boot, People who rant and have four sugars in their tea, Conspiracy theorists and overly religious folk who don't like to be told suckle my hairy grapes at a medium pace.

not that I don't like religious people, some of my best friends are religious. I just don't think people should be oppressed by others beliefs.

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My Interests (15)
cooking (546), food (357), cats (182), pets (71), film (62), computer games (39), museums (16), arts and crafts (8), zoos (4), tropical fish (3), psycho-analysis, being delicious, thinking about how i could make things better but never acting on it, the sealife centre,
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