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"Leish the quishe. =]"
On March 31, 2008 societys_reject

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melboune, Australia
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Age: 28
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I am Leish.
15. Mooroolbark College. Your average fifteen year old, not knowing where to go from here, let alone knowing what I want, not yet anyway. I am a fairly easy going person, but I have my mood swings. I am ecentric, shy, changeable and quiet. But I can be loud, if you shake it out of me, Literally. I may not be the most confident person around, I will stand by you! Always have my head in the clouds, a thousand things on my mind at once, very reckless. I love cartoons, and I'm a huge Naruto fan. I crave new experiences, and love to write. So send me a pm already!

Who I Want To Meet

Naruto Uzumaki, and yes I am aware of the fact that he is ficticious.

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I have no life

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music (3954), art (620), photography (490), astrology (51), writing. (12),
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